Fresh 2019 Moto RAZR Patents Reveal Its Foldable Display Design

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Fresh 2019 Moto RAZR Patents Reveal Its Foldable Display Design

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Motorola, now owned by Lenovo launched the Moto RAZR flip phone over a decade ago. During its four-year run, the device was extremely popular and raked in a lot of sales for the company. A patent filed to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) indicates that Lenovo might soon launch a modern Moto RAZR smartphone with a foldable display.

How It All Started

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Motorola first launched the Moto RAZR V3 clamshell style phone in July 2004. Due to a striking design and slim profile, the phone was initially marketed as a fashion statement. Later Motorola dropped the price of the handset and its popularity spread like a wildfire. Motorola claims to have sold over 130 million units of the clamshell style, Moto RAZR. 

Leaked Patent & Expectations From the Upcoming Moto RAZR

The leaked patent exhibits a clamshell style device that unfolds into a tall and narrow smartphone. Unlike the Galaxy F or Huawei’s leaked foldable phone, Motorola seems to have a completely different approach towards a foldable device. The leaked patent exhibits that Motorola is not trying to pack a large tablet size screen on a smartphone, in fact, the company wants to further shrink the smartphone and make it more portable. 

The Moro RAZR in the leaked patent draws a lot of inspiration from its ancestor. Like the original device, it also has a smaller sized screen on the outside while the main screen is concealed by the clamshell style flip. Ever since the initial days of the smartphone, companies have mostly tried to bump up the screen size on them which in turn has resulted in a larger footprint. Although modern smartphones have negligible bezels that help in reducing their footprint, a rigid smartphone cannot accommodate a large screen in a compact form factor. 

Therefore, the upcoming Moto RAZR with a foldable display would surely be an interesting device. Motorola is also expected to develop a UI that would allow for easy operability of a smartphone with this type of form factor. Even though there is no information available about the number of batteries on the upcoming foldable Moto RAZR. The company can kit it with dual batteries to maintain a thin profile like the Galaxy F which is reported to have dual batteries. 

 Launch Date & Price

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Motorola has not yet announced the launch date or price of the Moto RAZR smartphone with a foldable display. However, a report published by WSJ (Wall Stree Journal) claims that it will launch in the month of February and is expected to carry a price tag of US $ 1,500. 


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