LG Patents Two Foldable Smartphones That Are Reminiscent of Galaxy Fold And Mate X

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LG Patents Two Foldable Smartphones That Are Reminiscent of Galaxy Fold And Mate X

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In the month of February, the Korean electronics giant, Samsung unveiled its first foldable smartphone which is dubbed the Galaxy Fold. Following its launch, Huawei also unveiled it variant of a foldable device, the Mate X. Unfortunately commercial availability of both the handsets has been pushed back to September(1,2). 

LG Foldable Phone

LG Foldable Phone- Variant A

By the time these two handsets make a comeback, they won’t just be competing with each other. According to freshly granted patents, LG, Korea’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer is also developing multiple foldable handsets which may launch in time with Samsung and Huawei’s offering.

Surprisingly, the foldable phones that the patent exhibit are highly reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X. 

The first LG smartphone folds on the outside have dual display, out of which, one is present on the cover (outside) while the second is present on the inside. It features a triple rear camera setup which is accompanied by an LED Flash. 

LG Foldable Phone

LG Foldable Phone- Variant B

The second LG smartphone from the patent has a single large-screen display which folds on the outside. The design is similar to the ‘falcon wing’ which has been coined by Huawei. Besides, the position of camera sensors is also similar to Mate X.

Unfortunately, none of the patents reveals any specifications of the LG smartphones. Nevertheless, the devices if finalised for production and sale will pack top of the line specifications including chipset, camera and display. 

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As of now, the details about the launch of such LG handsets is unavailable. But, the company can reverse engineer Samsung and Huawei’s offering. Therefore, it won’t be as hard to make them. 

Though we will have to wait patiently until LG shines some light on its plans of a foldable device. 

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