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iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 Review

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The iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 was announced recently and promised a lot of fanfare, the device brings a lot more to the table than is expected from devices this value, but does it stand a chance? Lets Find Out in our Review of the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1.


iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 9

Build Quality and Hardware

The iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 resembles the HTC Butterfly, a mix of the first butterfly in looks and a paint job that resembles the newer HTC Butterfly. The device itself has been assembled out of plastic but feels quite robust. The front sports gorilla glass which claims a 20% increase in toughness and breakage/scratch resistance. 

The right mix of hardware has made this device a lot more appreciable, thanks to a full HD display, a quad core chipset, 1 GB RAM, a set of 13 and 8 MP Cameras, 4 GB  storage and 64 GB Expandability vis MicroSD cards (although our 64 GB class 10 Sandisk card refused to work).The battery on paper is also fairly sufficient with the 2800mAh badge.

[youtube id=”VzZCvxHdo0M” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Display and Multimedia

The front of the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 has a OGS display which is pitched at 1080p, the full HD resolution is gorgeous and is a pleasure to have on any device. What is also fascinating is the fact that the display nicely moulds out into the bezel that looks good and gives the device the upper edge in terms of looks. The display is only faintly visible outdoors and lacks the excessive brightness you would expect from a display with a 1080p resolution, but so do most of the higher end flagships. Viewing angles are great and you get a nice overall perspective when watching movies, browsing through pictures and other consumption models.

Multimedia consumption on the device is great as well thanks to the overall mix of the hardware and software. The Display mixed up with a variety of Apps available from the Google Play store make this a jumble of multimedia. Internet is well experienced on the handset and display plays a major role in multimedia which seems to be fulfilled thanks to the high resolution.

 iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 7


The RAM optimization on the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 is a major drawback on this handset, which really comes to create issues in Gaming. Any game around the like of Dead Trigger and Virtual Tennis will perform great on the handset, but playing games like Asphalt 7 and NOVA 3 will require constant reboots and RAM Optimizing software. Watch our experience below.


 [youtube id=”x5WwvvY9MA8″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]


The Cameras on the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 are nothing but hype, the 13 MP snapper is average when it comes to image production, the BSI sensor helps but images are not composed correctly, with a lot of color fringing and imbalance in the light input,  the sensor only seems mediocre in front of Samsung S4’s 13 MP. The front 8 MP shooter is just for numbers and does not even justify the moniker, watch some samples in the video review.


Phone, Messaging and Overall Performance

The iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1, did fairly well in phone call tests, we did face a few dropped calls while traveling, but it is safe to say they could be cell switch drops and not necessarily hardware related. The touch screen is very responsive and the multitouch input ensures that your messaging will not be hindered while using the device, especially for typing weather you go for it in portrait or landscape.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as an OS is a good thing to have, especially since it is fairly recent, but the lack of optimization of Software and Hardware is the biggest flaw of this handset, in day to day use you may not feel the impact, but the minute your RAM usage gets exceeded the phone becomes a big drama queen, and throws tantrums until you pull down the covers and give the battery a quick swap. Constant reboot is the only solution to optimizing this otherwise great handset. The company claims to be working on a fix, but the fact that the phone has reached the market with such a major flaw speaks a lot about the lack of testing, especially since the company needed this handset to break into the market. Not that the phone is a complete failure, its a great handset , but truly lacks in performance, and no one but the engineers and testers at the outfit are to blame. 

 [youtube id=”4J2C8JaHFrY” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Battery Life

Despite the frequent outbursts of RAM mismanagement and the dire need to reboot the handset you will be quite happy to know that the phone will manage 5 – 6 hours of talk time on an average day and the battery life should be good enough to take the beating from an average consumer for 24 hours. The software if updated with a fix for the battery issues will bring about a positive change in the battery life, which will only add to the already impressive value.


Smartphones have become increasingly confusing nowadays, with endless choices and price brackets to choose from, one really needs to understand what he is getting into. While its always great to have a well built phone ( as the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 is ) with a mix of high end hardware ( just like the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 has) for a relatively low price ( which the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 is available at), it is also essential to ensure that the phone works, and works the way its supposed to. A future fix will fix anything, but at the present stage when the phone is available, with no real software fix in sight, the performance the heating up and RAM mismanagement, make us ask you to avoid this handset, till the time the company fixes the issue anyway. 

If that takes too long we have a whole array of handsets coming in from Samsung, Gionee, SOny and even Nokia that offer up a wonderful bundle of usage.

[youtube id=”D01bm2ZPRp4″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]

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Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+
  • RahulDeep

    The Managing Director,
    iBerry India,
    iberry India Building No. 4,
    Second Lane Beach,
    Kumar Services,
    Shop No 102, MC Complex 1st Floor,
    Near Adidas Showroom, Naya Baas,
    Sector 15, Noida – 201301
    Mobile – 9891004422, 9891003322
    Date: March 12th, 2014
    Subject: Deficiency in services.
    I want to bring to your kind notice the extreme trouble I have undergone due to your delayed and unprivileged services and the negligent and irresponsive attitude and acts of your staff which has created a great deal of hardships to me.
    I had ordered an iberry Auxus Nuclea N1 smart phone in prebooking through an online website called on July 21th, 2013 for a sum of Rs. 15,990/-. The product was delivered to me on August 16th, 2013 under 3rd batch with IMEI no. 358865031973864 and 358865031973872 and the invoice no. 2868. Attached herewith is a copy of the order details, payment details and the invoice as Annexure I, Annexure II and Annexure III, respectively.
    I used the phone for barely a week and I started facing problems with the phone’s earpiece. I was unable to hear proper voices of the caller. I complained about the same to your company’s customer care on August 28th, 2013 who asked me to contact the service centre for rectifying the issue. On your company’s website it was shown that Hapur had a service centre but when I reached there, I realised that the service centre did not exist Which comes under a fraud category from the customer. Therefore, I had to submit the phone in Noida, which was 55 kilometres away from my home.
    After a month, I got the phone back and was charged Rs. 3,000/- for the same. But soon, I found various other problems with the phone’s battery, camera and adapter regarding which I contacted your company a number of times from 3rd Jan 2014 but your company’s executives refused to entertain my problems and sort them out. I was just given fake assurances each time I tried to follow up with your company but no action was actually taken regarding my grievance. Attached herewith is the copy of the job sheet as Annexure IV.
    I am appalled to have received such pathetic and unprofessional services from your company and seeing the incompetency and the casual approach of your staff towards my grievance. I am more shocked to see the utterly rude and non-cooperative behaviour of your employees towards their customers. I have spent my hard-earned money in the process of just fixing the phone and have suffered loss of time and mental peace and health too.
    Your company’s actions are liable under Section 2(1)(g) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 defines “deficiency” as any fault, imperfection, shortcoming or inadequacy in the quality, nature and manner of performance which is required to be maintained by or under any law for the time being in force or has been undertaken to be performed by a person in pursuance of a contract or otherwise in relation to any service time being in force or has been undertaken to be performed by a person in pursuance of a contract or otherwise in relation to any service. Also, as per Section 2(1)(f) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, ‘Defect’ means any fault, imperfection or shortcoming in the: Quality, Quantity, Potency, Purity or Standard that is mandated to be maintained either under law or under a contract or is claimed by any trader in relation to goods. Thus, the Opponent comes squarely within the purview of law.
    As a consequence of your deficient service and the repeated incompetency displayed by your employees, I have suffered undue hardship and mental frustration.
    I would like to emphasize that:You have been grossly negligent and unprofessional in your approach.I have undergone a lot of extreme stress and mental agony because of your deficient service.
    Given the above sequence of events, I request you to refund Rs. 15,990/-.
    In addition, I request you to compensate me with an amount of Rs. 20,000/- for the extreme stress and mental agony you have caused to me.
    In case you fail to act on this letter within 15 days from the date of this letter, I would be forced to:Ask my lawyers to file a consumer complaint against you for gross negligence, and deficient service, as well as additional compensation for mental agony and legal costs;Ask my lawyers to consider the filing of a civil suit against your organization;Start a sustained online campaign spreading the word about the appalling level of service that I have received from you; andIssue press releases online and in the print media.
    I hope that I do not have to take these steps and look forward to an amicable resolution of this issue.
    Warm regards,
    Rahul Deep
    House No. 2-1/233,
    New Shivpuri,
    Uttar Pradesh-245101
    +919953712899, +917895287884

  • Dionysius

    Don’t buy this phone. It has serious issues.  It’s sluggish, has unusual battery drain and heats up quite a bit.  The load average when the display is on and with no applications being used is around 10 and when the phone is locked and the display is off is 20.  That’s really strange and weird.  On my laptop, the load average is below 1 and even under heavy used, does not go beyond 5 and that’s when i’m compiling software, using 20+ tabs on a browser and watching a movie all together.  Just my 2 cents.

  • Shirish

    Wammy Titan 3 is way better than this. I know it and im loving it.

  • Dear All
    irritated kar diya iberry valone, kisi ko 2nd hand bech raha hu lekin koi handset b kharid nahi raha hai. Rs.18000 ka handset ka sirf Rs.4000 bhi koi de nahi raha hai.
    iberry ka kaam sirf logon ko bewkuf banane ka hai. abhi tak hamari goverment ne kyu inka licence blacklist kyu nahi kiya samaj me nahi araha hai.

    All Indians dont buy any product of iberry, kharidne ke baad sirf rona he hai.

    Vishal Mangela from Aapli Mumbai

    • Anonymous

      you are right bakwaas products he

    • Hitesh Mohta


      I can buy it for 5000 .. if interested call me on 9836443355

  • vijay

    Iberry need to shut down their plant and product in india. only 100 condumer report and proof is enough to shut down .

    Noboday told u what to do for this go and lodge complain against iberry and goverment who permtt such fraud company for business in india without quality insured product and making fool to all indian.

    belive me we have to salute NOKIA who changes battery on free o cost against one complain.

    • Right Mr. Vjay

      are dost bohot irritated kar diya iberry valone, kisi 2nd hand bech raha hu lekin koi handset b kharid nahi raha hai.
      iberry ka kaam sirf logon ko bewkuf banane ka hai. abhi tak hamari goverment ne kyu inka licence blacklist kyu nahi kiya samaj me nahi araha hai.

      All Indians dont buy any product of iberry, kharidne ke baad sirf rona he hai.

      Vishal Mangela from Aapli Mumbai

  • V Radha Krishnan

    i buy 20 days before i face the problem Touch screen wasn’t responding and started auto functioning after that i restated the device pl help to solve the problem

  • Vishal Mangela

    i got my repairable handset after 3 months, but still facing same issue, heating issue, CPU over load, ram utilization, one clean not working, HD game issue. battery draining. today i had called Customer care said me download 3rd party application and run, i said him you had spoil my 3 months warranty and still not rectify handset issue then what you handover my handset and what was the observation. customer care said me contact local Khar Mumbai God gift service center they will tell you what is resolution your handset.

    Kasam se yaar i had wasted my money to buy iberry product. please help me to refund my money back.

  • Milap Thaker

    To Whom So Ever It May Concern 
    I Purchased brand new Iberry
    Auxus Nuclea N1 in pre-booking from their website
    on 15th July 2013. I received my phone in the first week of August. I just used
    the phone little over a month and it’s touch pad started getting various errors.
    Touch screen wasn’t responding and started auto functioning. I went to iberry
    service center at Aastha Enterprises, Nallasopara, Thane. They found my phone
    faulty and they created a ticket and send it to iberry’s repairing support
    company RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 21 September 2013 (Ticket#
    RVSRN1309ASE00112). They took more than 2 weeks to repair it and when I
    received the phone with new touch panel, it wasn’t fixed properly. It was very
    frustrating. I contacted the iberry repair center and they asked me send the
    phone back to them and again waiting for another 15-20 days. New ticket was
    raised (RVSRN1310ASE00062) on 11 October. I asked them to replace the phone
    with the new one as it was already opened twice in a months time. I have been
    in constant touch with the executives of RVSolution and they are just taking me
    for ride. I received information that my phone has been sent to the service
    center, I checked the phone and it was still in the same condition and nothing
    had been done. I have called up several times on iberry call center 1800 102
    6242 but they are also not helping with the issue or transferring my case to
    any higher authority. I have been communicating with Mr. Rajesh +91-9871888790
    (RV Solutions) Mr. Mohan +91-7709004527 who looking into my case. If my phone
    is repaired 3 times within a months time, what will be it’s life expectancy? I
    am very very frustrated and neither the company is helping me nor RV Solutions
    people. I am mentally very stressed after spending my hard earned money (Rs.16,000)
    with such a company who don’t care about it’s customer. Please help me out of
    this mental trauma and get a full cash back from the company as I no think I
    would like to deal with such a company in future and waste my valuable time and
    spoil my health. Please find the address of iberry company in chennai.
    iberry India
    Building No : 4,
    Second Lane Beach,
    Chennai – 600 001.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Milap Thaker

    • Vishal Mangela

      same here, i got my repairable handset after 3 months, but still facing same issue, heating issue, CPU over load, ram utilization, one clean not working, HD game issue. battery draining. today i had called Customer care said me download 3rd party application and run, i said him you had spoil my 3 months warranty and still not rectify handset issue then what you handover my handset and what was the observation. customer care said me contact local Khar Mumbai God gift service center they will tell you what is resolution your handset.

      Kasam se yaar i had wasted my money to buy iberry product. please help me to refund my money back.

  • ankntt

    hello sir where is n1 price 15990 plz tell me i want buy another n1

  • ankntt

    hi all if u need firmware upgrade plz go to fb page of iberry there is link for download firmware update i download and install it and i have no problem in my n1 heat problem n charging problem gone n device work smoothly.

  • Sundar Polos


    Recently brought this phone with 8GB and i have got problem when i stepped out from the store. i have returned to customer care and after 2 days they sent me the Brand New updated version phone and it works really good. Also lemme use it another 2-3 days so that will give you the complete feedback whether you can buy it or not to.


  • Vishal Mangela

    igyan sir i need little help,
    what was the terms 7 Condition of someone handover the handset in service center what was the period of rectify the issue and handover handset to customers?

    because after 3 months iberry had courier my repairable handset. i send request to iberry extend my 3 months warranty that you spoil. but they reject my request and showing me terms.

    I m very dis pointed about iberry Company iberry Product & iberry pathetic service.

  • Vishal Mangela

    Dont waste your money to purchase iberry product, no refund available, no replacement only available wait 2,3 months for observation complete then your product they send through courier nearest service center. itna pareshan to kisine kiya nahi jitna iberry valone kiya hai.
    aur bhi bohot kuch hai but itna kaafi hai.

    better to buy good genuine product.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vishal Mangela.

  • Vishal Mangela

    waste of money to buy Auxus Nuclea N1, 3rd class pathetic service, i had used only 4days and start facing issue, and last 2 months customer care update me handset is in observation,
    last 2 months still not received my handset.
    My Big mistakes in my life i had purchase iberry product.

  • One all

    I wanted to purchase this mobile. But after going through the comments, it has become difficult to come to a conclusion. But the hardware and the specifications associated with this is not leaving me to forgo this engine. So, please can anyone give a clear picture or list out the firmware updates needed to make it trouble free and their links if they are available.
    Thanks in advance.

  • suresh

    I have launched a complaint on charging problem with Iberry customer support. I received a call on the same day from customer care person. They properly enquired about the problem.
    Now I had received a new charger from Iberry.

    I really appreciate their excellent service and speedy response.

    This phone is very good in performance and clarity, when compare with other costly phones.

  • Brian

    DO NOT BUY the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1:

    The iberry Nuclea N1 phone gets very hot.

    The back cover does not come off easily.

    The camera lens and its cover is slightly off from the back cover and this ill definitely lead to damages on the lens.

    The charger is very flimsy & cheap and has a loose connection.

    The phone takes over 6 hours to charge and discharges very fast within 2-3 hours, even without audio, video playing and the phone being used just for data surfing.

    I would not suggest anyone to buy it.

    Buy an Samsung product instead or even a Micromax or Karbonn.

    You can not even get a scratch guard and flip cover in the market.

    DO NOT BUY the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1.

  • vikas

    my mobile handset speaker calling voice is not coming.

  • Kris

    I have purchased the phone 3 days back. I too found heating problem camera side while playing the videos. Can any one help me in fixing this problem.



  • Mehul

    Only if you have extra money buy this phone…….. I have purchased the phone and am suffering….. even the replaced phone has hardware connection problem were sensors are not connected properly…… – JAN HEET MAI JARI (JINKO SUNA HAI VO SUNO BAKI PATCHTAOO)

  • pradeep

    i have been using this phone,intially it had the problem firstly i reported heating the camera side after using.please tell me any solution for this problem

    • vadlamudi jayachandra

      i have firmware update,there are no heating issues now,if you want i will provide link to you

      • tanmay pandya

        when u got a firmware update pls provide link

      • harish

        please give me the link or provide the firmware at thanks

  • CA

    I have been using this phone. Initially it had problem, later I found it was linked my memory card. Now I am using it with brightness ~15%. Good battery and phone is excellent at this price range.

  • manjunath

    very worst mobile, very worst company – saying quality checked and delivering defective piece to buyers and not resolving the issue. next buyers be careful dont go for this mobile and dont trust iberry

  • Roheit

    thik-thak phone hai

  • ca

    My phone is not booting in, it shows welcome message and a blank screen. Only 4 days of use. Please help with any solution?

  • Ravindra waliya

    my mobile handset speaker calling voice is not coming.
    this is bad phone . 8954888104

  • rb

    Does the phone support sandisk class 10 32 gb microsd card ?

    • srinivas

      yes it supports

  • NRA

    Same problem i am also facing , today the phone ear piece suddenly not working , i tried to reset the software to factory setting , but it was waste of time & lost all the app installed. I want to tell viewers to hold on before all the above mentionded problem are solved. What ever you do with this phone , it gets heated up @ the back half of the camera side. Raised a complaint in the customer care. If any one faced same problem & if they have the solution please guide me . Advance thanks

    • manjunath.r

      same issue here, not got solution , my device is with iberry since day 2 i got dis device(2nd batch-aug 7th). very worst mobile,

    • CA

      I think you should reduce brightness and use.

  • parthipan venugopal

    I am using this mobile right now and the review is exactly matching with what i felt,
    Request igyann to keep posted when there is a firmware update.

    • abhay sankar

      a firmware upgrade has been provided, i got the link from phone users group in fb. not a revolutionary change, but fixed all bugs.
      expecting JB 4.2.2 wit full optimisations frm iberry (as almost all bugs fixed ).

  • Vvn

    abhay sankar When did iberry provide the firmware upgrade

    • abhaysankar

      one upgrade already provided. i got from auxus users group in FB. DONT do the custom rom, OFFICIAL firmware wit ram somewat optimised is uploaded there.

  • abhay sankar

    hi bharath.. the company provided a firmware update. ram ok now. so is a bunch of other issues. nova 3 runs fine. .. battery lasting a day easily.. camera performance a bit of a downer. but via camera 360 wonderful results. 8mp is just a gimmick.. u are right abt that. all high end games working fine(ram optimiser/ram extender).
    this is really good review of the phone, though i differ on need to reboot(nevr had to)

    u are right abt the phone, for such gud hardware, a nice firmware ought to hav come out of box than providing update.. bad resting obviously. attaching benchmarks . hope you approve the post.

    • raj1402

      ts not about RAM its GPU this GPU doesnt perform well in FHD display nenamark is just 34fps to have better gaming performance nenamark should be 55fps

      • sam

        dude ram plays a major role to run games along with gpu…… is a full hd display and for playing games u need a mininmum of 30fps………which it crossed…….i am satisfied with the perfomance of my phone……..

    • Vvn

      abhay sankar When did iberry provide the firmware upgrade :)

      • abhay sankar

        yea man. an upgrade provided. not much of an upgrade, but bugs fixed. almost 350-420MB ram free, benchmarks up from 10k to 13-14k range, one clean app wrks, lookaway player crash solved etc etc.

        weird that they didnt put official link in site, but gave to some customers hu called the customer care hu put it in the FB group. try finding that, else wait till they provide a true upgrade with full optimisation.

  • SGK

    Do you think FHD Display is better than HD display in Xolo T1000 and Xolo X1000

  • Ajinkya

    which u thik would be better overall xolo paly or nokia lumia 720…
    or any other suggestion till 16k

    • abhaysankar

      go for play if u a game addict, (monster gpu+ 720p) nd comparing android v/s win8 is a joke. like comparing train v/s bus. totally different.. PS : lumia got a great camera.

      • Smart Brat

        Are the problems resolved of Iberry?

        Please let me know as I am going to buy this phone according to the specs it looked good but the reviews here are totally negative… Please suggest me if I should go with this phone or suggest me a phone under 18,000 … That would be a great help!

        • senthilkumar

          don’t buy this phone, we can use only 1.5 gb memory in rom even i put 32 gb memory card i can’t install more application
          in memory card and i have 20 GB free memory, all the application take ram memory for 15% even i move to memory card, it is very heat, battry not getting stable, camera only 7 mp
          not good quality with compare sony 8 mp camera
          better to to sony or samsung or iball coblet with 12 mp camera