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Micromax Canvas Gold A300 Review

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Micromax has recently transitioned into a newer dimension of phones, from bulky and dated phones running older versions of Android, the trend is now to get shapely, sleek devices with Android KitKat out of the box. The current flagship, aka the Micromax Canvas Gold A300, is a testament of that, and while the Canvas Knight was burning our desires (quite literally), the Golden boy here may have turned our mood around. Let’s see how it holds up.

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[pullquote_left]The oddly questionable gold colour is far from that of the iPhone 5s[/pullquote_left]

The Canvas Gold A300 is yet another flagship Canvas phone from the company that promises a roundup of interesting elements. A good set of specifications, great build quality, design and good optics, giving it a big thumbs up on the premium look and feel. Even though most have called it a replica of the iPhone 5s in a bigger version, the oddly questionable gold colour is far from that of the iPhone 5s.

Hardware and Build

Running the Canvas Gold A300 is an Octa-Core Mediatek 6592T chipset clocked at 2.0 GHz tied up with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of Storage. 25GB of the 32 GB is available to dump your media, games and files. The rear camera is a 16MP shooter with a 5MP front camera which does an impressive job with selfies (see camera section)

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The front has an impressive and vivid 5.5 inch 1920 x 1080p display this is surprisingly visible outdoors and has good viewing angles. The phone has dual SIM capabilities and can run data on 3g on both cards. The Sim slots comprise of a full size SIM slot and a micro SIM slot on either side of the device.

The phone is manufactured out of a “single billet” of aluminium alloy with slots for antennas in plastic on the rear of the device. The phone is readily available in two variants, a Gold+White and the Gold+Black, the only difference being the plastic inserts and the colour of the bezel.

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Apart from the exceptionally golden – gold colour the phone has a pretty good design, and the metal is nicely finished to give a great feel in the hand. The beveled edges of the phone quite replicate the iPhone look, seen specifically iPhone 4 and up. The flat lay-on-the table design will be appreciated by owners quite a lot, although a fatter lip for the front would have given a strong protection to the screen albeit taking away a bit of the slim profile of the smartphone.

Phone and Networks

The phone is unique in many ways, instead of selection your data network, you can have data on either SIM, which is great. The weird combination of Sim card sizes may work for some people, especially if they don’t want to cut/get micro SIM cards vs. regular sized ones.

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The networks are strong and audio in and out of the phone is impressive. The network remains positively active even during tower switches, and we didn’t see a huge problem with dropped calls.

The WiFi seemed a bit low to us, and in our initial tests seemed weak.

Multimedia, Display and Camera

For most media is playable on the Canvas Gold A300, and we found nothing to complain about, the audio could be a little bit louder in our opinion. The music output from the headphones is a lot more impressive when compared to any previous handset, the “flaming knight” included.

As far as the video playback goes, the display does a fantastic job, jitter-free vibrant video playback. The phone is capable enough and will deliver a good experience to most users.

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The camera system is a good hardware and software upgrade, and the 16 MP sensor is big enough to give a noise free low light performance. The day shots are noteworthy and brilliantly saturated to give a larger than life photography experience. The camera app is simplistic and new features like 99 shot continuous burst along with tap-hold to track subjects actively will come in handy for video.

Video capture frame rates are slow to display on the screen, in fact when you are capturing video there seems to be a lag in the screen aka the viewfinder. But, we were testing a pre-production software and apparently this has been fixed in the final build. Video is captured at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p at 30fps just like many other handsets in this bracket.

Performance and Gaming

The Canvas Gold A300 is a star performer scoring great results on benchmarks and showing excellent performance in daily use overall. You will be happy multitasking on this handset as it can handle app switching very well and thanks to inbuilt RAM management the phone automatically drives resources to the active application. The apps in the background use the adaptive suspend from Android KitKat.

Thanks to all this software and management goodness, the gaming experience is excellent, with heat at a minimum. The device does heat up from around the camera with extended periods of use, however the minute you are done you will be happy to put the phone in your pocket and move out. Games have a superfluid experience along with excellent touch screen feedback and responsiveness.

Battery Life and Conclusion

The battery on the Canvas Gold A300 lasts a good full day of use, and thanks to KitKat and power management you will not be searching for the charger in a hurry. The bloatware on the Canvas Gold A300 has been brought down to a minimum, and most of the preloaded apps useful, those which are not required can be gotten rid of.

With a software update thanks to FOTA, the device may get Android L (hopefully) and with the company working to fix their service issues the Micromax Canvas Gold seems like a good overall product. With little or no complaints from the hardware and excellent UI including a new keyboard (Swiftkey) pre loaded for use, most will be happy with the device out of the box.

With more options in this price bracket including Gionee Elife S5.5,  the Moto X and the Desire 816 it will mostly come down to user requirements.

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  • Build Quality is Impressive
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Great Battery
  • KitKat and FOTA Updates
  • Cameras are sharp


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  • Strange Gold Colour
  • No Lip around Display
  • No Included Case


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Dipayan Sarkar

I am really confused between Canvas Gold and Nirto,

1. Does canvas gold supports Smart Alert ?

2. Which one have both 3G supported SIM card ?

3. what about the battery of Gold? if it gets damaged , what will I do then ?

Piyush Annadate
Got this product 36 hours back. Everything is working great. No heating issue. But playing candy crush makes it to heat. But that’s nearly normal. Everyone says that the WiFi is worst blah blah blah. But its not. Its gud n having no issues at all. But i would recommend not to this, instead buy canvas knight a350. I. Ve used this of my frnd Y now.? Battery of canvas wont be lasting more than 8 hours of more than normal use. For me. At 12pm its was 85% and without internet no wifi no music only radio for 30min.… Read more »

Bharat Nagpal, you owe me one. I bought this phone based purely on your recommendation and review and regretted the decision.
Everything about the phone is truly great. Hardware, Software, Build quality and performance….. BUT the damn Battery STINKS !!
disabling lots of apps, switching off wi-fi and doing all I could to
maximise the battery life; with hardly any phone calls….. I could not
even get the battery to last 8 hours.
Thank God for Amazon, which is accepting the Return!!

Shashi Kiran K

this is a peice of shit battery drains.. there is no option to change the mobile network to 2g.. .it has 3g and auto(3g/2g) mode..

PradeepBhushan Chintala
PradeepBhushan Chintala

flaws –
It heats up near the camera area when you use continuously browse, play games
No good quality case in after market, flip case covers are easily available
weird gold color (I can say it is copper colored) but i like it though.
battery sucks when you play games
phone with 5.5 inches should come with in-box case to protect the mobile

Shashi Kiran K

you can use as a heater in coming winter better go for samsung note 3 neo or htc desire 816.. both can get android L for sure..At this price range..or even moto x 1st gen if you are OK with radiation. dont know why motorola mobiles have high SAR values compared to other brands.

Shashi Kiran K

shit of a device. heats up by just turning on either wifi or option to changee to 2g internet..asphalt 8 for 35 min battery dropped from 88% to 19%.. software doesnt seemd to optimised with hardware..frankly speaking the heat produced on this mobile can be used for making omlets on your mobile


is there any screen protection for it… like gorilla glass…??


please give us a full detailed review of canvas gold


which one is bst under RS 10,000 CANVAS 2 colour A 120 OR Canvas Elanza 2
A121 !!!!!!!!!!!! or any other phone plz tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!


need rooting method & binary.


Power hungry Octacore coupled with a 5.5inch Full HD display..powered by a 2300 mAh. battery??–the battery endurance seems highly suspect, unless it is at lowest settings. With this SOC and display, MMX should have opted for min 3000 mAh, and maybe 1 mm more thickness. I am very sure in actual use, this phone will need a charger by 3 PM.


which is better Canvas Gold,Desire 816 or Huawei Honor 6?


sir, which is best android mobile with long battery life, price around 20000 and good specifications.


What about the GPS? I own Canvas HD and its GPS is a crap. The arrow in the route preview frequently deviates from the road and goes some where :(

Kush Mahelra

Does anybody wants to know the procedure of how to root Micromax Canvas Gold A300, then please visit here –


sir, being very honest which one do you consider to be better on an overall basis
gold or s5.5

Abhinav Gokllani

design is looking like a iPhone rip off .

Kunal Chopra

Best phone ever from MMX ….

Sarfraz Ansari

Xiaomi is coming on flipkart very soon:-D

Samuel Harsha Rabindran
Samuel Harsha Rabindran

Rabindran Shelley

Samuel Harsha Rabindran
Samuel Harsha Rabindran

Isham Mahajan

Sarnab Guha

When will they come up with some original design for their phones?

Rahul Kumar

Looks Promising…

Pinaki Mukherjee

Rony Mukherjee can I xpect this to b ur next one???,

Umesh Majhi

This phone is awesome (^_-)

Rishi Ramesh

Did Micromax pay u guys for this review or this is a dream come true amazing MMX mob?


i heard correctly..that it has great battery life  ??

Aiban Rynjah

Nathaniel Nampui Majaw

UMair KHan

Maaz Sharif Khan