Outernet Getting Ready To Broadcast Free Internet To The World

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Outernet Getting Ready To Broadcast Free Internet To The World

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The Outernet is a global networking project currently under development by the Media Development Investment Fund, a United States-based non-profit organization established in 1995. The Outernet team claim that only 60% of the world’s population currently have access to the wealth of knowledge that can be found on the Internet. This is because, despite a wide spread of Wi-Fi devices across the globe, many countries are unable or unwilling to provide people with the infrastructure needed to access the web.

The company’s plan is to launch hundreds of low-cost miniature satellites, known as cubesats, into low Earth orbit. Here, each satellite will receive data from a network of ground stations across the globe. Using a technique known as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multitasking, which is the sharing of data between users on a network, Outernet will broadcast information to users. Much like how you receive a signal on your television and flick through channels, Outernet will broadcast the Internet to you and allow you to flick through certain websites. This service sounds too good to be true.

To understand Outernet better, check out their self-explanatory infographic:

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