Samsung Galaxy Owners Accuse Company Of Misleading IP Rating

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Samsung Galaxy Owners Accuse Company Of Misleading IP Rating

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Anyone who owns a TV will have inadvertently seen a Samsung ad for its Galaxy smartphones. The South Korean company is one of the largest mobile OEM in the world and has the capital to heavily invest in marketing their various products. Problem thereon lies with companies being capable of illustrating their devices with an over-the-top or exaggerated fashion. 

Samsung is currently being charged for such a fraud on misleading advertisement by the Australian Government.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has alleged that Samsung is misleading its customers over the nature of its various water resistant smartphones. The ACCC claims that the company has portrayed its handsets in or near unsuitable environments such as swimming pools and oceans since 2016. Furthermore, Samsung reportedly did not have any grounds to illustrate it in an aforementioned manner.


Samsung sells a good portion of its smartphone lineups with IP68 water resistance; this means that it can last in 1.5meters deep water for 30 minutes. However, the ACCC pointed out, that this does not cover all types of water. The tech giant has claimed themselves that the Galaxy S10 isn’t suitable for beach use. Samsung is allegedly attracting customers with false ads that are not suitable for real-world practices. The corrosive nature of water with a high amount of salt is not taken into account in such ads. It can potentially harm the water-resistant devices and cause loses to unaware users.

Galaxy S10

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Samsung is reportedly going to take a stand and stick to its marketing strategies. The company will fight the case against the Government agency’s allegations. It goes to show how large OEMs with massive amounts of capital can potentially opt for unfair business practices at the potential cost of its customers. These practices can go on to harm lower business rivals and other companies. Companies like these do not have such a large sum of monetary funding.

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