Scientists Develop Brighter, More Energy Efficient OLED Display For Smartphones

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Scientists Develop Brighter, More Energy Efficient OLED Display For Smartphones

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In this day and age of bezel-less smartphones, the most popular types of displays used in the devices are OLEDs or Organic Light Emitting Diodes. The type of displays use individual pixels that produce light and as a result, give out unmatched brightness and deep blacks. They are usually seen in flagship smartphones like the iPhone XS/XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S10 series and the OnePlus 7/7 Pro. Now, the latest reports reveal that scientists have developed an OLED display that produces brighter images and is more energy efficient.

About the development
OLED display

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The scientists at the Departments of Physics and Chemistry; at the Imperial College London have developed a new type of OLED display that offers a brighter output and increases battery efficiency. The results have been achieved by controlling the basic chemistry used by OLED materials. It is revealed that OLEDs that can produce a special type of polarised light can be manufactured. This new type of display can bypass the anti-glare filter that is in most smartphones today. It leads to an OLED display that has better battery life and a lower carbon footprint.

OLED Display

iPhone X

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As mentioned above, many of the modern smartphones use OLED displays. To ensure that the images produced by it are visible in sunlight, the displays are often covered with an anti-glare filter. Unfortunately, due to the dense nature of the filter, around half of the light generated by each OLED pixel is trapped within the display. This results in half of the original energy efficiency of the technology. Until now, most smartphone OEMs sacrificed the energy efficiency factor of OLED displays to increase readability outdoors. The aforementioned development could mean that devices in the future will solve the problem and offer an OLED display that is brighter and more energy efficient.

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