OnePlus One Unboxing : Redefining The Market

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OnePlus One Unboxing : Redefining The Market

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China is stirring up a storm, but it’s right here in India. Company after company is parading the smartphone market scene and everybody wants a piece of the pie. Earlier this year, Gionee set a precedent in bringing great build quality and a higher spec set into India by launching phones like the Gionee Elife E7. Later Xiaomi broke the market pricing scheme by launching the Xiaomi Mi3 in India. But is everyone really happy?

The lack of availability in both cases made it really difficult to own these products, while the E7 was fantastic for its time, it arrived almost 3 months too late and with the Xiaomi and its #FailSale strategy, people are essentially looking for a better outcome.

OnePlus One iGyaan 6

That answer may as well be here, sooner than you imagined. OnePlus is looking to launch their marvelous One in India as early as next month, and the company may bring a simple strategy to the market. The OnePlus One has been sold on an invite system from the get go. In doing so, the company continued to receive the orders, yet restricted orders enough to ramp up production.

OnePlus One iGyaan 1

The same system applies for India, however, the company has already reached up to required production standards with its current orders and invites are being fulfilled as and when you get them, so when it finally arrives in India, all you’ll need is a friend with an invite to share with you.

OnePlus One iGyaan 8

Inside the packaging, which is exceptionally high quality, all you get are three things; the OnePlus One unit, the charger and cable and a sim removal tool.

The inbox accessories tell you a great deal of what the end product quality is going to be, and you will be might impressed. not only is it high quality, a great amount of detail has gone into designing each item inside the box and customising the feel of the product.

OnePlus One iGyaan 9

The phone itself is pretty impressive, for a price of US$ 299 (16Gb) or US $ 349 for the 64 GB seen here (roughly INR 21500) which basically compares with the current flagships of the world.


Specs wise you will get :

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16/64 GB storage
  • 5.5 Inch 1920 x 1080p Display
  • 13 Mp primary camera with 4K video
  • 5 MP front camera 1080p video
  • 3100 mAh – Non Removable battery
  • Gorilla Glass 3

OnePlus One iGyaan 2

The software and user interface is familiar and responsive, you will get Android 4.4.2 out of the box with a promised update to 4.4.4 and Cyanogen Mod 11s to get you happy. CyanogenMod will also ensure that you are getting the maximum output from your hardware and customization options are almost endless. Thanks to CyanogenMod you can also expect quick roll-outs of the latest relevant updates on Android, especially the upcoming Android L.

Watch our unboxing Video Below and stay tuned for a flurry of comparisons after the break. Also leave your review requests in the comments for us.


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pls share if you have any invites, waiting last 4 months

Jasir Kunhippa

Did you say 10 invites give away?


what about headset ?

Srijit Sen



Can you invite me??

Saifurrehman Bukhari

Afzal Patel

Prateek Chaudhary

Yellow Band Still Exists?

Abhinav Srivastava

No headphones?

Amit Saxena

I m lucky to own this device…

Sohan Patel

bhai mujhe bhi ek jugad karwa de :D

Akash Gupta

Its clearly a beast :D
Proudly owning the ONE :)

Shrenik Shah

ok bharat.. Can u send me the invite……..

Hrishikesh Mangalekar
Hrishikesh Mangalekar

guys can anyone send me an invite ?

Amey Deshpande

How can I buy it?

Samrat Rahaman

Give Me A Canvas Device If N E.Plz Donate Me

Samrat Rahaman

1+one =two

Tumesh Kakkar

mi4 looks better than this one

Aftab Malvi ?

Woho…! Superb ! :D


Give me the invite pls, I’m going to USA next month, wont even have trouble with the shipping :)

Akhil Raj

waiting for the give away yeah!!!

Abhimanyu Singh

Give me the invite .


biggest foolish phone…. stupid concept to get the phone like we have to get an invite from a friend who can my friend get from ….

Sachin Kumar Rajput

Desperately want this device, everything is amazing about this device and the most impressive thing is that it’s coming preloaded with cyongenmod, what else someone desire on top of these marvelous specs and design!
The only thing scare me is that, it should not go into ridicilous FlipKart Xiaomi #FailSale type marketing gimic….

Biswajit Biswas

Want one


I really wanna know its release date and official price..I have been waiting for the one plus one for quite some time now… Please Igyaan inform us about the pricing and availability of this phone as soon as its its officialy announced

Dharam Patel

Awesome… grt yarr i gyann luv u…!!@/#:”(@^#;'(

Jaimin Thakkar

Invites are good people use PPO box to bring it to India but I will wait don’t want to spend extra 4k for custom.. Hope this Flagship killer come before Nexus 6

Neeraj Khatanhar

Yash Khatanhar I’m aware of that. But looks much better than the Xiaomi, worth the wait I’d say.

Yash Khatanhar

Neeraj Khatanhar it isn’t available in India yet


Lets see how they market and price this in India .. They’ve got mixed response in the overseas market with the invite system. India will have huge demand for them to cope up. Looks like a killer phone with those specs. Sure to stir up a storm with the Big & Small brands alike ! Will iGyaan be giving invites? ;) I would happily take on for gifting to my mother who’s sick of using her samsung galaxy grand !!