Xiaomi Prepares to Step into the US market

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Xiaomi Prepares to Step into the US market

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Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is slowly trying to take over the world. The company is currently preparing to build a concrete ground for itself in the US market. The Vice President of Xiaomi, yesterday said in a meeting that the company intends to inaugurate an online marketplace in the US in the coming months. He also made it clear that the on-sale products will not be smartphones, but other accessories like headphones, smart wristbands, etc.

Barra commented in the press meet –

The amount of effort required to bring those products to the market is an incredible amount of work. We’re accelerating our entering by bringing simpler products.

Barra gave the reason for not bringing out smartphones and tablets in the US saying that there are hardware certification, software testing, infrastructure, and other similar logistical challenges. He said that the company will start trading with those products that don’t have regulatory challenges.

Xiaomi said that they were about to secure a manufacturing partner in Brazil, which will help the company avoid tariffs on imported electronics.

The five-year-old company is doing tremendously well. It kicked off with smartphones and expanded its reach to different segments with Mi Purifiers, power banks, wristbands, etc. It has become one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world in a short span of time. With its first step in the US, if the Xiaomi plays its cards right, it may lead the game soon.

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