Mitashi Launches New Smartphone, Says it is For Young Girls With “Vibrant Moods”

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Mitashi Launches New Smartphone, Says it is For Young Girls With “Vibrant Moods”

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Mitashi today unveiled a new smartphone for the Indian market which is targeted at young women. It is an affordable device with some decent features but Mitashi’s marketing pitch for the phone can only be described as mildly offensive.

The company begins its press release by saying that its new phone, the “WattaGirl” is designed especially for young girls and their vibrant moods. It goes on to say that WattaGirl can hold 2 sim cards, so that all of a girl’s world can come neatly packed in one awesome phone. The press release ends by saying that a girl’s phone is an extension of a girl’s “colourful personality” referring to the brightly colored back flaps, that come along with the device.  The WattaGirl offers 1.2GHz Dual Core processor along with 512 MB RAM and comes with a 5-inch display. The device is priced at Rs.4,999.

Now dear Mitashi, we understand you have to dial up the sales pitch in your press release but you don’t have to sound so condesending. How about using a language in the future that doesn’t undermine your potential consumers? It’s not that hard, let us show you how it’s done.

How we would’ve written it:

Mitashi launches ‘WattaGirl’, the coolest new phone in town, designed for young girls as well as ladies young at heart.

WattaGirl comes with 5 MP Dual Camera is always ready to capture the best moments of a girl’s life. A sturdy 512 MB RAM and a 1.2GHz Dual Core processor that let’s her take on the challenges of a fast paced world. The large 5-inch screen makes viewing photos, videos and all other forms of media, a pleasure. It comes with a powerful battery so that you can talk for hours, listen to songs, watch videos and browse your social networking pages without worrying about your phone battery running out. ‘WattaGirl’ can hold 2 SIM cards so that the lady is always connected with the world.

What’s more, every phone comes with 3 flaps in bright colours. Just pop in the back flap of your choice and get ready to take on the world with the new WattaGirl.

See? so easy.

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