Domino’s App Might Soon Allow You to Track Your Order Minute by Minute

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Domino’s App Might Soon Allow You to Track Your Order Minute by Minute

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Soon, waiting for your pizza to arrive on your doorsteps will get slightly less agonizing. Inspired by Uber’s ridesharing app that allows you to keep a track of your cab in real time via a map, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises plans on creating a similar app that will allow you to track your pizza in real time. Domino’s Pizza Enterprise is the master franchise holding the rights to Domino’s brand in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, and Netherlands.


This new app will allow the users to follow their order on smartphones, tablets or TV screens. When asked about the theory behind this app, Chief Executive, Don Meij, said that in a delivery system, the time taken to reach the consumer since the order is dispatched remains a dark spot, and now, it will be fully disclosed and transparent.

The tracker will show a map in real time and a tracker tracking your order. To make the app less dull and dreary, Domino’s plans to include the driver’s name and his personal details like his favourite football team, what type of music they are playing while delivering the order and what speed they are driving at. Meij also said that the app will concentrate on improving road safety. By shrinking the waiting time, errant driver behavior can be reduced. Domino’s delivery team has had quite a history of acquiring dangerous habits like speeding and taking sharp corners.

For now, this app will be available in Australia and New Zealand by the end of July. Dominoes plans to bring the service to Netherlands, Japan, France and Belgium by the end of this year. Hopefully, Indians will have the service in their hands soon after.

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