OnePlus Has Plans to Launch Another Device This Year

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OnePlus Has Plans to Launch Another Device This Year

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OnePlus announced its new smartphone OnePlus 2 just last week, and the company is already talking about a third device which will be released by Christmas, this year.

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently said in an interview with USA Today that they would be bringing out a third device by Christmas, which may or may not have higher specs than the OnePlus 2. He also mentioned that the prototype is a “daily driver,” however, no other information about the device has been shared.

He also spoke about the vision of OnePlus, and said that it was about “working with everyone as partners” while also mentioning that the company would like to make its OxygenOS compatible with “everyone’s stuff”.

“We want to work with other people. By making our own we are already competing with our potential partners before even approaching them and giving them a chance”, added Pei.

He also confirmed that the company will not be expanding to create OnePlus TV or any other smart products in the near future, quoting that it believes “different brands should focus on different things”.

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Let us know what you think about the OnePlus 2 and whether you’re looking forward to the release of a third device.

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