LG to Bring Out an ‘Edgy’ Smartphone To Compete With S6 Edge+

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LG to Bring Out an ‘Edgy’ Smartphone To Compete With S6 Edge+

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According to rumoured reports, LG might have a smartphone to challenge the S6 Edge+. These reports have been fuelled by the kind of technology that LG has today for turning such a device into reality.

LG already has a bunch of smartphones that have the flexible display feature along with LCD and OLED panel types. The OLED technology has been used by Samsung to create its curved active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) display in its Edge products.

However, if we look at LG’s G Flex, it is based on LG’s P-OLED technology which is said to be far more flexible than Samsung’s OLED technology. If LG really wants to compete with Samsung it might have to create a more mainstream mobile product that is based on their OLED technology.

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Further reports suggest that LG Display has confirmed to invest 8.5 billion dollars into the development of the next-gen OLED displays, for products ranging from a TV set to mobile electronics.

When it comes to display quality, resolution and cost of production, we see Samsung with its AMOLED display and LG with its P-OLED display. The latest G Flex 2 comes with a 1080p resolution which is much lesser than the QHD panel found in Samsung’s latest phones.

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However, LG had just recently unveiled a selection of “wallpaper” TVs which are said to be as thin as a credit card and as is also easily bendable. These TVs also come with a selection of concave and convex designs, which can be adapted for a mobile phone if necessary. There are no reports though, about whether LG is planning to use this technology and expand it towards its mobile phones too.

This plastic-OLED is said to offer a cost advantage over other typical glass OLED displays. The company has not made any official announcement about any of their plans, but, if the G Edge appears, it is said to be LG’s first flagship to make use of the company’s advanced OLED panels.

In conclusion, we can say that LG is perhaps looking to fall within the mainstream smartphone market with its new OLED technology. Perhaps we can expect some new devices with global launches soon.

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