App Of The Week: Pac-Man 256 Comes With The Best Glitch Ever

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App Of The Week: Pac-Man 256 Comes With The Best Glitch Ever

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From the makers who brought you ‘Crossy Road’ comes another fun, addictive, and nostalgia-driven game – Pac-Man 256. Hipster Whale has developed what you may call an update of the original Pac-Man, including its ‘glitches’. Yes, you read it correctly. The game builds on the famous Pac-Man glitch that appeared once the player made it to level 256. In that glitch, the player was met with half-a-screen of scrambled alphanumeric characters and an endless, unbeatable level due to limitations in the game’s coding. Pac-Man 256 uses that bug and makes it the enemy of the game.

The new Pac-Man is very much like the original. There are ghosts chasing after you while you escape them and eat up the dots and fruits in your way. But players are also navigating endlessly upwards to escape the ‘Glitch’, which starts eating away at the bottom of the board.  If the ‘Glitch’ catches up to you, or you get eaten by a ghost, you will die and need to use a credit to play again. Credits are earned via in-app purchases. You didn’t think it was that easy, did you?

We had mentioned the addictiveness of ‘Crossy Road’ and the new Pac-Man follows the trend. It will bring back memories of the original, and will remind you of that ever crazy glitch, if you were one of the great souls who made it to level 256. If you thought the original Pac-Man was a great way to kill time, then the new one will surely take up your whole day. We suggest you either play ‘Crossy Road’ or ‘Pac-Man 256’ but not both at once.

If you find yourself with some spare time head over to Apple Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore to download Pac-Man 256.

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