Benchmark Tests Prove Microsoft Surface Book Not Twice as Fast as Macbook Pro

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Benchmark Tests Prove Microsoft Surface Book Not Twice as Fast as Macbook Pro

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At the launch of its first laptop, Surface Book, Microsoft had claimed it to be a machine twice the speed of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. However, when benchmark tests were carried out by PCWorld and Geekbench 3, these claims were proved incorrect. In terms of CPU benchmarks, the Apple device was slightly faster than the Surface surface book

Having said that, it should also be noted that when it came to the graphic card, some models of the Surface Book are ahead of its Apple counterpart. Additionally, processing tasks that are shared with the GPU also were performed better by Microsoft laptops as compared to Macbook Pro. A reason for this could be the dedicated GPU of Surface Book as opposed to the integrated one of the 13-inch MacBook. But it is the costlier model of the Surface Book, costing around $1700 (about Rs. 1,10,000), which has a dedicated GPU. The one which costs as much as the 13-inch MacBook Pro at $1500 (about Rs. 98,000) is the base Model Surface Book which too has an integrated GPU.

Despite tall claims by Microsoft of its device’s doubled speed, the difference showed up only in a pure graphics test. When running Tomb Raider, the Surface Book achieved 74fps against the 23.6fps of the MacBook. But, once again, this can also be achieved by a GeForce graphics card. It would be interesting to see how the Surface Book fares against the MacBook Pro 15.

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