Here’s How You Can Identify a Celebrity Profile on SnapChat

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Here’s How You Can Identify a Celebrity Profile on SnapChat

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SnapChat is rolling out a new feature specially for its celebrity users as an added verification setting. So, if you want to verify whether the celebrity you think you are following is actually the real deal, you just have to look for a small emoji signifying their status. This emoji functions just like the blue tick mark on Facebook that identifies an authentic account from a fake one.


These emojis will be appearing under the header “Official Stories” and will also appear on the stories of users you are already following. This feature is expected to help “Snapchatters” discover interesting stories easily.

“If a Snapchatter has an Official Story, their name will appear under an Official Stories header when you search for them. Also, an emoji will appear next to their name so you know they’re the real deal!” – says SnapChat

As of now, the “Official Stories” feature is still being rolled out, so everyone may not have received it yet. However, it can be expected to become universally active soon.

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