Fingerprint Scanners are Finally Here

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Fingerprint Scanners are Finally Here

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Remember those spy movies you would watch as a kid, where the spy would have to get to this super secure vault; which could only be opened by one person, because it was locked by the most advanced technology of all time – fingerprint security system? Child’s play today.

Almost every present day high-end smartphone has a fingerprint scanner. So why not a USB fingerprint scanner which can be attached to your laptop in order to lock all your accounts with your own fingerprint? Let us find out what all the fuss is about.

Fingerprint scanner

Today we want to talk about a startup project called iTouch ID; what this does, is basically makes your life easier by providing you with one fingerprint touch id scanner to access all your accounts. You might think that this is absolutely ridiculous as a security measure for all your important accounts.

Well, fret no more because firstly, nobody else in the entire world has the same fingerprint as you, and secondly, the device captures an image of your fingerprint and stores only the analysis data of the print. This means, that a hacker won’t be able to access your fingerprint, because it’s basically not stored anywhere.

Makes us wonder – a. When did our brains become so dull that we can’t even remember our own passwords and numbers? Oh right, when we had to protect everything. b. Why would anyone want to hack into a lay man’s account? Honestly, today, who is a layman? Enter over-protective technology, that makes us believe our life is in danger 24 X 7.

Now that you have understood the iTouch ID’s basic functionality let’s take a look at a couple of other things that it can do. The iTouch can act as your laptop’s main password alternative, it can also manage multiple passwords on your multiple accounts, it can automatically log you into social networking sites and other accounts that you frequently visit, and it can even lock and unlock files just by creating a specific setting.

Way to make us lazier than we already are! It’s like technology is suddenly demeaning human power rather than enhancing it. It’s like this condescending voice in our head that is saying – Hello person, you are going to forget your password eventually, then somebody will hack into your account and steal all your money, then you’re going to die unhappy. Human reaction – Dear technology, please take over my life already.

iTouch ID

Luckily we already know that this attachment is rather small, so it won’t cause you any hassle of tangled wires or adding weight to your device etc. What we also know is that it is not easily destructible, simply because of the way it has been crafted. It has been made out of an aircraft grade aluminum with a hard-anodized finish and laser-cut sapphire glass.

This that it is completely waterproof and has the ability to resist scratches. Basically, a lot of money has been spent to protect you, so you might as well take advantage of it by paying some more money,

iTouch ID

Hardware wise it comes with a Fingerprint Sensor: ID FPS360, capacitive touch to detect the user’s fingerprint, 500 pixels per inch resolution, 256 x 300 pixel array, measures 0.72 inches (18.2 mm width) by 0.42 inches (10.6 mm length) by 0.24 inches (6 mm height), and has a power supply of 5V via USB. Apart from this the product also features  a USB 2.0, and as mentioned earlier is waterproof and scratch resistant. On the software front, this security product comes with an iTouch ID FPS360 Personal Identity Device USB Biometric Fingerprint scanner.

iTouch ID

To elaborate a little bit more about the features and functionality of the product, we should know that it’s biometric fingerprint data are encrypted and stored in a secure password storage system. It supports a native USB implementation to enable the device, it has a two level authentication process, and is  AES encrypted. See what we mean by ‘over-protective technology’ to the rescue?

iTouch ID

There are 10 variants of iTouch IDs with varying price range. The Friendly iTouch ID comes at $3, the First iTouch ID comes at $79, the Green iTouch ID, the Gold iTouch ID and the Simple iTouch ID come at $99, the Personal iTouch ID comes at $119, the Share iTouch ID comes at $189, the Share a Personal ID comes at $ 222, the High Five iTouch ID comes at $444 and the Double High Five ID comes at $888.

If that’s not enough of time and money spent on protecting yourself virtually, there are a couple of system requirements that you will have to fulfill before purchasing the device. You will need a PC with 1200 MHz or higher processor clock speed, a 512MB of RAM, 100MB of available hard disk space, Super VGA (800×600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor, USB 2.0 backward compatible for USB 1.1 and an OS Windows or Mac OS X and Android.

Overall it is quite an impressive piece of work, it’s complicated, sophisticated, intricate, well thought out and honestly it is also innovative. However that sense of awe we had mentioned in the beginning is still not there. Today technology has become so accessible that, the sophisticated technology we once thought could only be used by the CIA or MI6 or James Bond can now easily be bought by us too.

The main attraction towards technology back when we were kids, was the magic it produced and the mystery behind it. Today, even though we know everything, and what we don’t know can be found out very simply, the charm technology holds on us still unbreakable. Won’t you agree?


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