Samsung Patents Phone With Interchangeable Camera Options

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Samsung Patents Phone With Interchangeable Camera Options

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Samsung seems to be on a roll with 18.4 inch tablets to phones that unfold into a tablet. Now reports have emerged about a new Samsung patent. This patent shows different camera options for a phone-like device that include a regular camera, one with a bump and another that seems equipped with optical zoom and an exchangeable lens.

Samsung Patent 2 Samsung Patent 1

The phone is also drawn in a  number of different shapes, suggesting how each phone’s size and shape will be determined by the camera paired with it.

Samsung Patent 3 Samsung Patent 4

There is another device-design as well which shows something thin like a phone with a thick camera module and a camera-like grip on one end. A shutter-key which is equipped with another button also prefigures on the design.

Samsung Patent 10 Samsung Patent 9

Samsung Patent 8Samsung Patent 7

It is unsure what the future of these devices will be, however it gives us a fair idea of what is keeping Samsung busy these days.


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