Credit Card Sized Device To Charge Your Phone Using Water

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Credit Card Sized Device To Charge Your Phone Using Water

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CES 2016, saw a lot of crazy concepts, but none of them could match this one for ingenuity. Move aside portable chargers, forget about finding electric outlets to charge your phone, the JAQ is here to save the day.

Swedish startup MyFC unveiled this cool device which is small enough to slip into your pocket. It is a fuel cell charger, and uses saltwater and oxygen to convert chemical energy into electricity. Precious electricity that can later be used to charge your power hungry phone.


The charger consists of two pieces, a credit card-shaped power card and a port for the card that’s roughly the size of a smartphone. The card contains saltwater, which fuels electricity producing chemical reactions when you slip the card into the port. The port can be connected to your phone using a normal usb cable.

According to the information on the company’s website, one JAQ power card produces close to 1,800 mAh, enough to charge an iPhone 6S. Larger devices, like tablets, can also be charged with the fuel cell, but it’ll take more than one power card to get them fully juiced.

But JAQ cards come with a catch. These power cards are good for just one use. After that,the saltwater in them stops producing the chemical reactions required for generating electricity.

The JAQ isn’t available for purchase just yet, but the company plans to start shipping the product to American users later this year. It is expected to be sold on a subscription bases, though the company also plans to make these cards individually available for $1 each( Approx Rs 60).

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