This App Blocks Third Parties From Tracking Your Location

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This App Blocks Third Parties From Tracking Your Location

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There is no denying the omnipresent existence of the Internet in our lives. The virtual trail left behind by a user online has ensured that pretty much all their personal information has been documented in some form or the other in a deep, dark pocket of the Internet.

Checking-ins on social media platforms, booking cabs and taxis, looking for train or plane tickets or simply the nearest cafe to grab a cuppa -all these activities have ensured that that details about our location and day to day activities are on public display all the time, leaving us vulnerable and unprotected.Online Privacy

However, not all is lost. A university in the US has developed an app which ensures that third-parties have no access to your location. Developed by a team of researchers at Binghamton University, the app makes sure third-parties are blocked from tracking down your location depending on what you search online.

“When we release personal information to the internet, it is out of our control, and can be easily searched and used for malicious purposes. We are trying to provide a more efficient and feasible solution to make sure that kind of information is secure,” says Linke Guo, team leader of the research.

Once developed successfully and put to use, the app would make the virtual space safer for the average user. Let’s see if this attempt manages to cure privacy issues online.

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