Watch the Video of This Epic Hoverboard Fire Test Fail

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Watch the Video of This Epic Hoverboard Fire Test Fail

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Humans may have mastered technology enough to create humanoid robots (and also freak themselves out in the process with the threat of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world). But no matter how advanced we might be on the tech-front, there is still more than just a little tweaking that our gadgets require right now. The hoverboard fire test below would serve to emphasise our point.

The video looks so painful that adult supervision is recommended even just for watching it. As the hoverboard beautifully goes up in flames, it justifies the recent hoverboard scare which had led Amazon to take the product off its website.

This pretty, little hoverboard catches fire while charging and spews flames in all directions as a result of over-heating. Watch it burn like a firecracker in the video and let us know if you still think this previously cool piece of tech is still cool enough.

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