Galaxy S7 Edge May Have a Batman vs Superman Edition

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Galaxy S7 Edge May Have a Batman vs Superman Edition

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Samsung Galaxy S7 devices are the one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2016, while Batman vs Superman is one of the most anticipated films of 2016. Put them both together and voila! Everyone is paying attention now.

A Korean publication, Naver reports that Samsung is likely to introduce a Batman vs Superman edition of the S7 Edge. If the source is to believed, it will arrive somewhere around March-April. This in turn means, its launch may or may not coincide with the launch of the standard S7 devices as well as the release of the film on March 25th.Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

Last year Samsung had pulled a similar stunt by toying with the idea of making Avengers-inspired variants of Galaxy S6 Edge. Needless to say, this sent fans, both of the Marvel universe as well as of Samsung, into a frenzy. It was later in 2015, a little after the release of Galaxy S6 Edge, that Samsung came out with Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge edition.

Though the phone piqued everyone’s curitosity, it was made available only in selected Asian markets (only 1,000 units were made) and costed a fortune. Let’s see if a Batman vs Superman S7 Edge meets a similar fate and gives DC fans something to rejoice about this year. Fingers crossed.


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