India Gets First Smart Self Cleaning Toilets

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India Gets First Smart Self Cleaning Toilets

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In what is a first for the country, 183 self-cleaning public eToilets have been installed in the city of Chennai. These toilets which are spread out through the city of Chennai can be located through mobiles using an Android app which not only tells you the location but also gives the user functionality to rate them, offer feedback and even suggest new places where they should be installed. Making the service truly connected, officials from the Greater Chennai Corporation use another app to remotely monitor hygiene levels, usage figures, and water availability at each toilet.


These toilets are fully automatic, and the toilet cleans itself before entry and after use. They come equipped with sensors for exhaust fan and light. The toilets flush with only 1.5 litres of water after 3 minutes of use, and with 4.5 litres if the usage period is longer. It also washes the floor automatically after five or ten rounds.

To top things off, these toilets are eco-friendly and waste treatment is carried out using anaerobic biodegradation. One of its models, the e-Lite 14, is powered by solar panels to eliminate the use of electricity.

Cost of these toilets are a bit on the upper side, at approximately Rs 4,50,000, but these could very well be great solutions to our cities sanitation and hygiene problems.

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