India Is Setting Up A High Tech Anti Cyber Terrorism Lab

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India Is Setting Up A High Tech Anti Cyber Terrorism Lab

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The Indian Government and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology are setting up a high-tech cybersecurity lab to take on cyber terrorism efforts. Recently a report was placed before a meeting of home secretaries and DGPs of 12 states, which was convened by the Union home ministry at the beginning of the last month. It took note of the finding that Jammu and Kashmir had the highest degree of activity related to the ISIS in the social media, Among many other potential Online cyber threats to institutions like banking, government services, and crime.

India while ahead in terms of a number of connected users and the highest growth rate of Internet usage, lacks tremendously in cyber security. As an example, it is estimated that over 65% Indian Government websites and banks are easily prone and vulnerable to cyber attacks.

While local policing bodies often use third party cyber consultants and employ ethical hackers for various cases. A central cybersecurity center could act more efficiently and prevent attacks on various possible targets in India.

The Anti-Cyber Terrorism lab or the ACT was supposedly conceptualized after the May 17, 2012, hack, when Anonymous launched an attack against the websites of the India Supreme Court and the current-ruling Congress party.

The exact location and operations of the lab are being kept private for the time being. In the age of encryption level messaging on daily use apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. The security agencies are having a tough time tracking their targets. Let’s just hope this does not lead to a “Snowden Leak” situation right here in India, where the Anti-Terrorism lab is invading the privacy of the citizens of India.


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