All May Not Be Well At Andy Rubin’s Essential Smartphone Project

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All May Not Be Well At Andy Rubin’s Essential Smartphone Project

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In the tech industry, running a startup is no easy job. Considering the pace at which the balance shifts and the industry moves forward, it becomes a hellish job at times to keep it all together and work for the common goal of the startup.

When the father of Android, Andy Rubin announced that the Essential phone will release in May, it felt like an ambitious deadline to set and evidently, the timeline set was not achieved. In fact, only late last month did the phone get certification from FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Andy Rubin has since announced that the Essential phone will go sale in August and it is to be seen whether the startup will hold true to its words this time around. It was reported in the beginning of July that Essential had reportedly lost two of its highest ranking officers- VP of Marketing Brian Wallace and Head of Communications Andy Fouché. Both Wallace and Fouché are industry veterans having held senior positions in Samsung and Microsoft respectively. Wallace even worked on Samsung’s famous “Next Big Thing” campaign.

It is now being reported that Essential has lost its Head of UX Liron Damir to Google Inc. Reports also suggest that Damir has joined Google Inc. as the head of UX for Google Home. Interestingly that is not an upgrade on the position he held at Essential.

Andy Rubin’s dream project seems to be going through a rough patch after much-discussed launch delays and now losing three of the best talents in a matter of one month. Whatever may be happening at Essential, we hope to get our hands on the Essential phone as soon as possible.

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