LG Signature Is A US $1800 Smartphone

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LG Signature Is A US $1800 Smartphone

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If you are someone who believed in luxury over practicality, then the new LG Signature might be right up your alley. To only be sold in South Korea most will consider this a limited edition smartphone.

The LG Signature Edition has a shell made of Zirconium Ceramic, which the company claims won’t scratch over time. Only 300 of the LG Signature will be made and cost about 2 million won (US $1800 approx.) which is almost double the price of the 64GB variant of the iPhone X.

Barring the Zirconium Ceramic, what you’re paying for is the LG V30, LG’s new flagship which was unveiled back in August. Interestingly, the LG V30+ is scheduled to be launched in India on the 13th of December. Apart from the premium material used to make the LG Signature, there is no other difference between this and the LG V30. However, while the LG V30 ships with a pair of wired B&O earphones, the LG Signature will ship with a pair of wireless and wired B&O earphones. The LG V30 retails for US $799 which means you basically pay a thousand dollars more for a premium material and a pair of B&O wireless earphones.

To learn more about the specifications of the LG V30, you can read the entire story here.

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