New WiFi Standard Has A 100 Km Range

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New WiFi Standard Has A 100 Km Range

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We’ve finally got a new WiFi standard to look forward to. The IEEE has officially released a new standard for 802.22 WiFi which can cover an area of over 31000 square kilometers from a single base station. You’re all probably familiar with the current standard 802.11 a/b/g/n as this is the standard that you use to connect to the Internet everyday.

The exponentially increased range is because the frequency that the WiFi network transmits on has changed. Over the last few years, analog television has seen a dramatic decrease in viewership. Using that very same frequency of 54MHz to 698 MHz the new standard gains increased range as these frequencies are very good for long range transmissions, which is why the range was used for analog TV signals.

The new 802.22 standard is not going to make your current router obsolete just yet. What it will be good for is to provide Internet access in rural areas or to provide municipal WiFi for an entire city. With a single base station having a transmission rate of 22 Mbps and a range of 100 km, it’s only a matter of time before we’re never without WiFi again. Well it’s perhaps time that we said goodbye to 3G.

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