Fusion Garage Attempts the JooJoo 2, calls it Grid 10

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Fusion Garage Attempts the JooJoo 2, calls it Grid 10

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Fusion Garage is the name behind the highly unsuccessful tablet of 2010 called the JooJoo, the tablet had everything , Apps, social networking and internet fun but didn’t have a backbone or ability to do anything but surf the web. The company stopped production last year itself and has ever since been mum about it.  

The company however is far from giving up and has sent a device right through the FCC for approval, and its called the grid 10. Calling it JooJoo 2 would have just been plain dumb. Grid 10 could also be the indication that the 10 app grid overlay UI they had earlier , lives on, but hopefully this time around they have a more stable OS running the guts, say Honeycomb.

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