This Video Shows That Humans Still Don’t Understand How Smartphone Batteries Work!

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This Video Shows That Humans Still Don’t Understand How Smartphone Batteries Work!

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Tech can be confusing at times. Moreover, people can let their preconceived notions about technology get the better of their decision-making skills. This isn’t a secret that a smartphone battery can explode. Samsung and Galaxy Note7 users, unfortunately, learned that the hard way. It appears that people still don’t understand how smartphone batteries work.

Image: CNNMoney

What’s The Story?

A video coming out of a Chinese gadget store reveals the incident of a man biting into a smartphone battery. Before getting the new battery installed, he decided to check the authenticity of it by biting into it. We still don’t know what he was expecting from that bite. Despite the incident occurring very close to his and another person’s face, nobody was said to have been harmed in the incident.

While it is true that fake lithium-ion batteries can explode or overheat, this method was counter-productive. It is a known fact that lithium-ion batteries can explode if punctured. Lithium-ion batteries are made up of layers, with positive and negative electrodes are wrapped around each other. These positive and negative electrodes are insulated from each other.

This is done because explosions can occur if the positive and negative leads on a battery touch each other. So, the biting would not have made a difference as he won’t know whether the battery exploded because it’s fake or because he damaged it with his teeth.

Biting into a battery can essentially trigger an explosion because lithium-ion batteries are prone to explosions if punctured.

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