Huawei Crosses Apple, Becomes Number 2 Smartphone Maker Worldwide

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Huawei Crosses Apple, Becomes Number 2 Smartphone Maker Worldwide

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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer makes its presence felt globally
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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has surpassed Apple to grab the second position in the smartphone market. A report by Gartner revealed the sales made by each company in the second quarter of 2018. According to the report, Huawei sold 49,846 units in Q2 2018 compared to 35,964 units in Q2 2017.  At the same time, Apple sold only 44,715 Units in Q2 2018.

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Another report, published by IDC a month ago had also put Huawei at the no 2 spot, ahead of Apple. However, as this report ranked the manufacturers according to shipments made rather than sales, it didn’t paint quite a clear picture. The rise of sales for Huawei can be entirely credited to its fast growing Honor sub-brand. Huawei continues to bring innovative features into its smartphones and expand its smartphone portfolio to cover larger consumer segments.

Huawei is growing at such a fast pace as it continues to bring innovative features which the customers like. It is also constantly working to expand its smartphone portfolio, covering larger customer segments, according to executives at Gartner.

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The rankings were different back in May this year with Apple holding 14.1 % share in the smartphone market and Huawei with 10.1 %. The dynamic has reversed now, with Huawei holding 13.3 % of the market share and Apple down to 11.9 %. Samsung still holds the top spot in the market share, however its market share has actually declined. With 20.8 % market share in Q1 of 2018, Samsung has dropped to 19.3 % in Q2 of 2018.  Regardless, it still holds the top spot by a great margin.

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Apple has seen quite a downfall with Q2 of 2018. The interest generated by iPhone X and the iPhone 8 seemed to be short-lived and didn’t help much in terms of sales. Xiamo and Oppo come in at 3rd and 4th place respectively, this quarter. Xiaomi, who flew past Oppo this quarter, has also shown tremendous growth with the implementation of its online and retail strategy.

The report also shows the share held by iOS and Android devices in the market. Android still dominates the market share at 88 % while iOS makes a slight mark with 11.9%.


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