Apple iPhone 9 : Everything We Know So Far

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Apple iPhone 9 : Everything We Know So Far

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Read All That There Is To Know About The Upcoming iPhone
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It’s that time of the year again. One of the most anticipated events is right around the corner and yes we’re talking about the launch of the new iPhone. With numerous rumours, speculations and an equal number of eager fans, we take you through everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 9.

It has been rumoured for a very long time that Apple will introduce three new variants of the iPhone this year. Reports say that we will see a 5.8 inch screen device which will be the successor to the iPhone X. This will be supplemented by a 6.5 inch version of the same and a 6.1 inch model which is said to be the cheapest, owing to its lower specifications.




Starting with the iPhone 5, Apple has never broken tradition and strayed away from the date of 12th September. Other than the off-timed release of the iPhone SE, all the iPhones have been launched on this day. Therefore, we can expect Apple to launch the new iPhone 9 on 12th September this year as well.


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A lot of speculations regarding the nomenclature of the new iPhone are doing the rounds. With various analysts and experts putting out what they think will be the name, we think Apple might stick to calling it the iPhone 9. While many will argue that it could be called the iPhone 11, doing so might just add to the complexity. With naming it the iPhone 9, Apple can complete the numbers loop and move on to a much simpler system for nomenclature. The iPhone could then possibly drop the numbers and just be identified by the year it was launched in.

However, speculations do suggest other names such as the iPhone XS or the iPhone X2. Some analysts also suggest the name iPhone 11 and a possible successor to the iPhone SE.2018 Apple iPhone new iphone


Reports suggest that the new iPhone 9 will be based on the design of the iPhone X. This means that Apple will be getting rid of Touch ID and embracing the Face ID technology completely. If this is true, Apple will implement the glass body, dual camera setup design along with the notch on the new iPhone 9.

Along with this, the iPhone 9 is expected to be available in various colours. Another interesting addition to this would be the fact that the aluminium frame in the lower variant will supposedly not be matching the colour of the glass body. Whatever, the rumours be, we expect to see a fresh array of colours on the iPhone 9.


The iPhone 9 and its plus version will reportedly have OLED screens complete with a glass body and Stainless Steel casing. The lower variant of the upcoming iPhone 9 will have a slightly different design due to its price bracket, according to experts. It might be packing an LCD panel along with its Glass body which probably will be encased by Aluminium instead os Stainless Steel, helping to cut down on production cost. It is also very likely that the new iPhone 9 will not have Apple Pen Stylus support, according to sources.


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3D Touch

Analysts claim that Apple might discontinue the 3D Touch with the new iPhone 9. This might happen due to two reason; the added difficulty in the manufacturing process it causes and the fact that no one is actually finding it useful. This could be true as most iPhone users do not use 3D touch extensively and some do not even know of its existence.


Touch ID

With the design of the iPhone X, the fingerprint scanner could have become outdated for Apple which might now bank on the Face ID feature for its security. However, latest reports talking about a Patent Apple has, might hint at it making a comeback. The patent refers to an in-display fingerprint scanner. This might be a game changer for Apple if it is ever introduced.



Reports say that the new iPhone 9 will operate using the A12 bionic chipset from Apple. The A12 will manage to offer a better experience than the existing, powerful A11 due to its manufacturing process. The A12 is reportedly made using the 7nm process as opposed to the A11’s 10nm process. This is expected to offer 1.6x the logic density along with a 20% speed improvement and 40% power reduction.

The A12 reportedly offers an increase in multi-core usability, supposed to bring up multi-core performance by 25-30%.  The GPU performance is reported to have an even higher increment at 40%. This might not directly translate to gaming performance, according to experts. Analysts predict a real time number of around 25%.

With some reports even suggesting that the iPhone 9 may run on the older A10 chipset, the possibilities are endless. However it is expected that Apple will run with something that will ensure the iPhones performance is far greater than any existing Android device.




The new iPhone 9 will supposedly have an improved battery, putting an end to any woes users had. The plus variant of the iPhone 9 might house the biggest battery of the three, owing to its size. Reports about the A12 chipset don’t stop at performance and tell us about the improved battery life as well. The new chipset is said to optimise battery life and ensure longevity. Apple is also said to have worked on increasing the idle battery life of the iPhone 9. The idle battery life is an impressive part of the present set of iPhones. An improvement with the iPhone 9 might just take things to the next level.

It is also rumoured that the new iPhone 9 might have a dual sim slot. This would be a welcome change for iPhone Users.


An improved camera experience with regard to the new iPhone 9 is highly anticipated. It is rumoured that the top variant of the iPhone 9 will sport a triple camera setup. This would possibly increase the rear zoom capability of the iPhone 9, according to reports. the triple camera setup could possibly offer other advantages such as better low light performance.

However, some say that this might not be coming with the iPhone 9, making us wait till 2019 for it. 2019 however might be the year for a triple camera setup if not this year. The three cameras would help in generating a depth map which could help Apple in the field of Augmented Reality, something Apple is really crazy about at the moment.

As of now, we have all sorts of combinations popping up when it comes to what we can expect. A triple camera setup for the top model, a single camera for the cheaper version or even a dual camera setup all three. The most common one however, is a dual camera setup for the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus while the cheaper variant get a single camera. Regardless, it is safe to expect that we will see a big upgrade in the camera department. This is with regard to both software and hardware. 


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If you were planning to get yourself the cheaper variant of the iPhone 9, you might have to hold on for a little while. Well known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the cheapest variant of the iPhone 9 might be available only in October, owing to delays in its production schedule. The other two variants will be available in September, according to him.

Coming Full Circle:

The iPhone 9 will be crucial for Apple in all aspects. At a time when Apple is under threat from numerous manufacturers taking the smartphone market by storm, this will be a decisive product. Apple needs to ensure that it stays on top of the innovation race in this fast-tech driven world. Every month or so, we see a ground breaking smartphone emerge. Apple needs to ensure that the iPhone 9 will be competent enough to not only take on its current competition but stay relevant till 12th September 2019.







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