Apple iPhone 9 Could Have Quality Concerns, May Be Delayed

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Apple iPhone 9 Could Have Quality Concerns, May Be Delayed

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New leaks reveal that the iPhone 9 might not be as riveting as expected
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Numerous leaks over the past few weeks have given a fair idea as to what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 9. However, one of the most latest leaks talks extensively about what could be serious issues with the upcoming phone.

In what seems to be a very detailed report, famous apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo talks about the iPhone 9’s daunting issues.  According to him, the ‘affordable’ version of the iPhone 9 will be cutting quite a few corners. This could mean that while the device could be cheaper, it might not live up to the expectations placed by consumers.

Here are all the problems that the report talks about:


It was reported that the cheaper variant would carry an LCD display. Apparently, a decrease in quality is also to be expected. According to the report, the device will carry a comparitively low resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels. This is very low compared to the iPhone X’s display of 2436 x 1125 pixels. While it can be called a downgrade from the more expensive models, it is also not offering any competition to the Android devices around the same price bracket. The device is also rumoured to be having a 6+ inch display. This would make for a poor display with the given resolution. Most of the  devices in this price and size range offer an average of over 2200 x 1200 pixels


Kuo also says that the cheaper variant of the iPhone 9 will be restricted to just 3 GB of RAM and a maximum of 256 GB of internal storage. This is lower than what the other two variants will have to offer, according to reports.


The higher variants could have batteries ranging up to 3400 mAh, leaks suggest. It is said that the lower variant of the iPhone 9 might be restricted to just a 2700 mAh one. Battery performance has always been an issue for Apple. However, it was expected to have improved with the new iPhone 9 according to leaks.  The reportedly large size of the phone coupled with the less efficient LCD display might stand to be an issue. This would offer a decreased battery life to the users.


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While leaks about a single camera for the lower variant of the iPhone 9 are already doing rounds, the report adds strength to this claim. A single camera would mean a lesser experience for users who might miss out on the depth offered by a dual camera setup.


According to leaks, the lower variant of the iPhone 9 will have a 2×2 MIMO setup for Wi-Fi. It’s known to have many drawbacks and leads to deadspots in your connection at various places. However, the other two variants are said to be upgraded to the 4×4 MIMO 802.11ac setup, offering better connectivity.

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Kuo also goes on to say that due to manufacturing issues, the launch of the cheaper variant of the iPhone 9 will be delayed. This means that the device might not be available along with the other two, higher variants. For those who were looking to go in for the cheaper alternative on the new iPhone 9 might have to wait a little longer.

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What’s More:

The new iPhone 9 is rumoured to be available in three variants, possibly around $699, $ 999 and $ 1199. The alleged downgrade of various features could lead to a disappointing performance and a backlash in sales.


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