A Mobile Phone That You Can Build Yourself

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A Mobile Phone That You Can Build Yourself

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We have all wished that we could build a phone ourselves. Well, the MakerPhone brings you a step closer to this dream. It is a fully functional mobile phone that you can build and code yourself. The kit contains parts and instructions to make the phone yourself. It is meant to be a fun learning experience for beginners who like to use tools and see how every technology functions. This is an interesting concept and the company is currently looking for support through a crowdfunding website. 

What You Can Learn

You can learn what a resistor does and how it functions. Leaning about the basics of electronics is a great experience and can get you interested to make more things. You can learn how to solder which can be a great life lesson – something you can use for a lot of different purposes as well! It teaches how to code in Python and as well as the children’s coding application called Scratch. Arduino (which is based on C/C++) is also a part of the learning experience.

They previously have built another DIY gaming console called MAKERbuino and the company says that the DIY phone is different in more ways than one. The MAKERphone includes a color screen and a better micro-controller with their custom software. The phone also has Python programming language compatibility and Scratch programming language compatibility. Other significant changes are dedicated DAC and electronic volume controllers for sound regulation and mp3 playback , 8 individually programmable RGB LEDs and better PCB architecture for easier soldering. And it isn’t all just for show! It can now make calls, has a SIM card, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



One can also play games such as space invaders, pong, or snake on the phone once the assembly is complete. Apps such as a custom media player that only plays cat videos, programs in Arduino, lines of code in Python are some of it’s many attractions. According to the company, the DIY Kit is made for anyone above 11 years of age. The average build time is around 7 Hours.

What’s In The Kit

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These are the items that the Kit will contain:

MAKERphone circuit board – the main board that connects all the components in a uniform device that can work as a mobile phone

MAKERphone casing – multiple sheets of acrylic cut with the power of lasers. They protect the innards and give MAKERphone this sleek look

128 x 160 full colour TFT LCD – for playing games, displaying phone numbers and everything in between

GSM module – a tiny module responsible for everything related to calling and texting other people

Main microcomputer module – a dual core processor with built-in Wi-Fi, BLE, and a charging circuit

Sound module – a board with a DAC (digital to analog converter) chip and a headphone jack for music playback (responsible for ringtones, alarms, game sound effects)

Amplifier module – makes loud buzzes, bleeps and bloops

Stick-on antenna – for superb phone signal (a.k.a. send text messages while in the bathroom)

A bag with other tiny electronic components such as pushbuttons and coloured button caps with a 128 MB SD card preloaded with games and apps included


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