Samsung To Launch The Next Exynos SoC on November 14

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Samsung To Launch The Next Exynos SoC on November 14

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The SoC or Processor is the core component of every smartphone. Qualcomm is the leading smartphone chipmaker but a lot of other companies also develop and manufacture these tiny modern marvels. Apple has their A series processors, Huawei makes Kirin processors and Samsung has their Exynos range of chipsets. Recently, Samsung has shared a teaser of an upcoming flagship Exynos processor. The new processor will be seen on the upcoming Galaxy S10.

The Next Exynos

The poster shows a smartphone with the upcoming Samsung Exynos processor. It will be the successor to the Exynos 9810 which is present on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. The processor might be called Exynos 9820, but that is not officially confirmed. It will be the first 7 nm chip from Samsung. However, competitors Huawei and Apple have already launched their Kirin 980 & A12 bionic, 7nm processors. Samsung claims the 7 nm manufacturing technology will boost performance by up to 20% while reducing power consumption by up to 50%.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+

The poster reveals that the processor is set to launch on November 14. It also reads ‘Intelligence from within’ which hints that the new chipset will feature a dedicated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chip. The new SoC will likely have a neural processing unit that will enable the Galaxy S10 to perform complex AI & machine learning tasks.

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The Next Exynos SoC which will be present on the Galaxy S10 will also support 5G. No precise details about the clock speed or architecture of the processor are available. But, we won’t have to wait for long as the launch of the processor is right around the corner.

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