Samsung Is Readying Two More Foldable Phones

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Samsung Is Readying Two More Foldable Phones

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Korean electronics giant, Samsung launched a revolutionary foldable smartphone called the Galaxy Fold last month. As the name suggests, the newly launched smartphone and tablet hybrid sports a foldable inner display. Except for Samsung, two other companies, Royole and Huawei have also launched foldable smartphones, the FlexPai and Mate X. Although the market for foldable smartphones is considerably new, analysts have high hopes from the device with this new form factor. According to a freshly published Bloomberg report, Samsung is developing at least two more foldable smartphones which have dissimilar designs in comparison to the Galaxy Fold. The two upcoming devices will provide a headstart to Samsung in the market that is expected to explode soon.

Upcoming Foldable Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Bloomberg report claims that out of the two upcoming foldable Galaxy devices, one will have a vertically folding display while the second type will have an outer folding display. The vertically folding smartphone is also reported to have a cover display which reminds of the unreleased foldable Moto Razr. On the other hand, the smartphone with an outer folding display is expected to similar to the Mate X. The former will only have one display. Therefore, it will be thinner than the Galaxy Fold.

Noteworthy, the report points out that Samsung is currently trying several types of foldable smartphones. As of now, nothing has been set in stone. The vertically folding smartphone is reported to go on sale by the year of this year while the outward folding Galaxy smartphone will be released early next year. Samsung had previously claimed that it expects to ship 1 million units of a foldable smartphone in the year 2019. The upcoming smartphone will help reach the company to reach its anticipated target.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

In addition to the two unreleased foldable smartphones, Samsung is also working to improve the durability of the Galaxy Fold’s display. The previously launched device develops a crease on its display after it has been unfolded up to 10,000 times. Praiseworthy, Samsung is also considering to offer free screen replacement on the Galaxy Fold after it is launched in the month of April. 

Price Of Upoming Foldable Galaxy Phones

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Unfortunately, the price of upcoming foldable phones from Samsung is currently unavailable. Though the devices are reported to cost lesser than the Galaxy Fold which costs US $ 2000. As, the lower price can contribute to their higher sales. 

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