Nvidia Announces New GPU Driver, Game Bundle & G-Sync Compatible Monitors

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Nvidia Announces New GPU Driver, Game Bundle & G-Sync Compatible Monitors

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Nvidia has given its users even more reasons to purchase its RTX series Graphic cards. The American technology company launched its RTX series of graphics cards in the second half of 2018, and they have been favourites amongst gamers and video editors owing to the new Ray tracing support. Now, the company is giving gamers the chance to take home a three-game bundle with the RTX graphic cards. Apart from this, Nvidia had a couple of other surprises for their gaming audience.

Game Ready Driver

Nvidia released the new 419.35 game ready driver package that extended optimization for games like Apex Legends, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5. Since the launch of Apex Legends, a lot of players are facing random game crashes, followed by an error message. Forums were being spammed by gamers for solutions but no successful fixes were posted by the company. With the release of the new driver, players should be able to get rid of this issue. The driver update also includes some bug fixes and tweaks for high data consumption issues.

The patch notes are available below. Additionally, you can download the updated display driver here

G-Sync Compatible Monitors

The list of G Sync compatible monitors is growing day by day, and now the latest driver package has introduced support for three new monitors with G Sync. The latest additions include:

  • Acer ED237 A
  • Acer XF250Q
  • BenQ XL2540-B/Zowie XL LCD

Nvidia is continuously testing new displays to see if they’re compatible with G Sync or not. Nvidia CEO says that the company will optimize the software that’s necessary to make the monitors G Sync compatible. If a user has a G Sync monitor, he/she can manually turn on G Sync support in the Nvidia Control Panel to check if driver support has been introduced for that specific model or not. However, Nvidia has warned the users not to experiment with the G Sync Nvidia control panel if their monitors are not certified by the same.

Triple Threat Gaming Bundle

To keep gamers on their heels, Nvidia has announced that it will give away a game bundle containing three A-list titles with the purchase of each RTX series graphics card, laptop or gaming desktop. The company has included digital codes for Battlefield 5, Anthem and Metro Exodus which the users can redeem on the respective accounts.

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If a user purchases the RTX 2080 Ti or the RTX 2080, all three games will be included in the bundle. However, the user will get only one of the aforementioned games if he/she purchases the RTX 2070 or the RTX 2060. More details regarding the offer are available here

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