Asus ZenFone 6Z With Dual Slider Leaks In Video

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Asus ZenFone 6Z With Dual Slider Leaks In Video

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Asus is set to launch its latest flagship grade smartphone, the ZenFone 6 on the 16th of May. Previously, the Geekbench score and the teaser of the upcoming handset were spotted online. Days before the official announcement, a video of the alleged smartphone has been shared by a Spanish Youtuber. It exhibits a unique looking smartphone with a slider design. Noteworthy, the slider on the smartphone slides both upwards and downwards which is dissimilar to other slider incorporating smartphones like the Mi Mix 3 and the Honor Magic 2.

ZenFone 6 Official Teaser

Upon close inspection, it was discovered that the smartphone in the video shared by the Youtuber is unlikely to be ZenFone 6. As the official teaser shared by the company declared the smartphone has a bottom mounted 3.5 mm audio jack which the device in the said video misses out on. Apparently, the handset in the video is made by Asus and instead this could be the beefed up variant of the flagship handset which might be called the Asus ZenFone 6Z.   

ZenFone 6z Design

Now that it is clear that the device in video is not the ZenFone 6 and rather could be the ZenFone 6Z. Let’s talk about its design!Asus ZenFone 6Z Screen

The alleged ZenFone 6Z has slider design with a large screen display on the front that has a considerably high screen-to-body ratio. The rear of the smartphone seems to be made out of glass which has a high gloss finish. Its rear panel harbours the Asus branding, fingerprint sensor and the dual camera set up along with an LED flash. The bottom of the device is occupied by a USB C port which is flanked by two narrow slits which may be the cutout for the loudspeaker and the microphone. 

Asus ZenFone 6Z Slider

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Talking about the slider mechanism, the screen when slid downward reveals a dual front camera setup which surprisingly also has two LED flashlights. On the contrary, the mechanism when slid up reveal a secondary speaker and two touch buttons which control the shutter button and brightness setting. All in all, the smartphone looks unique and distinguished than the bunch. However, we will have to wait until the 16th of May that is when the company will lift off the curtain from the ZenFone 6 lineup.


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