The Redesigned Version Of Google Lens Starts Rolling Out To Users

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The Redesigned Version Of Google Lens Starts Rolling Out To Users

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The American multinational technology company Google first announced an update to its popular utility application, Google Lens at the Developer’s Conference held 7 May onwards. The application is widely used for retrieving data based on a visual analysis of a product, test or the environment. The revamped version of the application will bring additional functionality, like dividing a food bill amongst a group of people and some informative features such as watch a recipe video.  Google Lens The updated Google lens has a new slide-up menu that houses circular buttons with a variety of functionalities. The older buttons that were previously used to scan barcodes/QR codes and Copy Text have been sacrificed to bring in new buttons. The first button will allow the user to directly overlay the translated text in their own language, without opening the Translate application. The second button is again familiar to a lot of users, which allows them to copy the text in an image and paste it elsewhere.

The third button is the standard Lens button, which will use the device’s camera to recognize everything displayed in the frame. For instance, if you point the camera towards different buildings in an area, it will provide the user with addresses and information regarding the same (provided it is available in the database). There’s a new “shopping” button which will open a mode where users can check the availability of products on e-commerce platforms. The last button is the “dining” button, which will allow users to highlight the most popular dishes in a dining area simply by pointing the camera towards the menu.

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The new Google Lens update is reportedly available on Pixel Devices running the latest v9.91 build of the Google application. Furthermore, users who are currently using the latest beta version of the Google application can use the redesigned Google Lens features as well.      

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