Huawei No Longer Allowed To Work On The Wi-Fi, USB and SD Cards Standards In The Future

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Huawei No Longer Allowed To Work On The Wi-Fi, USB and SD Cards Standards In The Future

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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has seen better days. In the past week, it has seen business ties cut with every American company. Even ARM, the known chipset architecture licensing firm from the UK has suspended business with it. Now, in the latest development, reports claim the Wi-Fi Alliance has “temporarily restricted” Huawei’s membership and the company is also not a member of JEDEC, which sets the standard for semiconductors. Adding another blow to the list, Huawei has also been barred from setting new USB standards and cannot use SD cards in their future devices.

About this ban

Huawei Wi-Fi Alliance

Last week, the government of the United States barred every American company from doing business with Huawei; until granted explicit permission to do so. Since then, companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel and NVIDIA have suspended business relations with the Chinese brand. Like mentioned previously, ARM has also cut any ties with Huawei owing to the former’s “US Based” technology. The latest addition arrives courtesy the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is a consortium that decides the new standards of the wireless technology going forward and it has temporarily restricted Huawei’s membership. The Wi-Fi Alliance, as most companies in the consortium are American, it has chosen to exclude the P30 Pro maker temporarily. This means the company will not be able to decide or have a say in the future of Wi-Fi technology.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

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In other news, Huawei is also no more a member of JEDEC which as mentioned above; is responsible for setting the standards of semiconductor technologies. This again means the company has no say in the development of the standards and technologies involved in future semiconductors. It has also been ousted from the SD card alliance, which implies future Huawei products cannot use SD cards. The last part may not be such a big deal for the company, as it has already been pushing its nano-memory standard since the launch of Mate 20 Pro last year.

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