Huawei Regains Wi Fi, SD Card And Bluetooth Consortium Membership

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Huawei Regains Wi Fi, SD Card And Bluetooth Consortium Membership

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Earlier this month, Chinese tech Titan, Huawei had to encounter a massive blow after US Commerce Department revoked all American companies from maintaining any trade relations with the former. Following the ban, the rapidly booming company which was previously speculated to take over Samsung as the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer in 2020 crumbled at an uncontrollable pace. It all started with Google’s support withdrawal of Android OS for Huawei smartphones. Followed by Google, Microsoft also took away the support for Windows from Huawei made computers and laptops. Initially what seemed like end of road for company might not be the case.
uawei which was previously ruled out from Wi-Fi alliance, SD association and Bluetooth consortium has regained its membership. Even though the three said associations are not wholly owned by companies based in the US, they are surely influenced by the same. However, it is reported that Huawei’s considerable contribution in the three associations has led to roll back of the previous decision. Adding to the story, Huawei who is allegedly developing its own operating system which is expected to roll out later this year might well be on the road to healthy recovery.


Talking about Huawei’s homegrown OS, the company has trademarked three names with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), including Huawei ARK OS, Huawei ARK and ARK OS. Even though, their is limited information available about the upcoming operating system from Huawei. A company executive on Chinese social media website, Weibo claimed that the future OS will be compatible with Android applications. Noteworthy, the executive pointed if developers recompile their apps for the companies platform, the applications will see upto 60 % improvement in terms of speed.

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To conclude, it seems Huawei will once again bolster its spot as one of the best tech companies in world sooner rather than later.

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