Whatsapp To Take Legal Action Against Users Who Send Too Many Messages

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Whatsapp To Take Legal Action Against Users Who Send Too Many Messages

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Whatsapp is widely regarded as one of the most widely used Instant messaging applications in the world. Launched in the year 2009, the application was later acquired by social media giant, Facebook in the year 2014. As per latest reports, Whatsapp will start taking legal action against users who have a habit of sending way too many messages. This step is being taken to curb the amount of fake news that is being spread via the application. 

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Previously, the company owned rights to ban users if the terms and condition policy was violated in any manner. However, incidents in the past have indicated that people tend to act instinctively upon receiving news via the application. In a survey, it was discovered that almost 52 percent of respondents received news and stories via WhatsApp. The content shared via the application has supposedly led to murders, extortions and even unwanted uprisings amongst the inhabitants of the country. 

The company had previously introduced a “forwarded” tag to messages which had been forwarded multiple times. However, 7 December 2019 onwards, any user who indulges in “bulk or automated WhatsApp messaging” can be sued, the company states. Whatsapp states that the sole motive of the application was to act as a direct link between people and organizations (via the Business app), hence any kind of spam will not be tolerated. This step will enable the organization to assert direct control over its users, even if it concerns data that is solely accessible by the company itself.


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The update can be seen on Whatsapp’s page under “unauthorised usage of WhatsApp”, which clearly states that the Facebook-owned instant messaging application is committed to developing its structure around the private nature of data transmission. Especially during elections, a rogue message forwarded by a group of people can spark controversies and biased opinions. This decision by the American company will serve as an effective check on people who tend to forward/send messages in bulk amounts. 

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