Samsung Patents Smartphone With Dual Display

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Samsung Patents Smartphone With Dual Display

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The latest generation of smartphones follows a trend that has seen many OEMs try making an all display front panel. Hence, this sought to innovatively hide or exclude the front-facing camera altogether. Samsung was the first to introduce a punch hole front camera with the Galaxy A8s and now brings a new take to the mix. A freshly patented Galaxy device will apparently not have a front-facing camera and rather feature a display at the back which can be used to take selfies from the rear mounted camera.


Devices such as the OnePlus 7 Pro, that feature a pop-up front camera have become increasingly more common. Some even sport rotating and shifting cameras as well (see Samsung A80). The point of having a smaller display on the back extends to the ability to use the rear camera for taking selfies. Samsung is not the first with this workaround, Vivo Nex and Nubia X also feature a dual display functionality.

The Korean company had previously filed a patent for a double-sided display, and now it is seeing its first implementation. The patents filed had showcased designs for the dual-display device that is taking a real form in development stages. The secondary display, according to the designs, is placed at the back right below the primary camera and is about half the size of the front screen. This makes selfie shots possible as the preview can be displayed on the back while clicking a photograph. 


Apart from the photography implications of the patented dual-screen smartphone, no other information or features can be garnered. Looking at the renders, it is clear that there is no front camera only a speaker grill, and no 3.5mm headphone jack either. Any sign of a fingerprint sensor is also indiscernible, so an in-display sensor is probably the case. It is highly unlikely for Samsung to roll out this new feature on its flagship S series devices. However, the Samsung Galaxy A series might be the perfect place for testing such designs.

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The A series was the first to introduce a triple and quad camera set up alongside a new rotating camera technology for the company. So it is not far off to assume that the upcoming innovative device will be featured in this bold series. Samsung’s debacle with its foldable smartphone should make it more cautious over new releases but its brave steps forward are always appreciated by the industry and its community.

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