OPPO Smartphone With Invisible Punch Hole To Launch At MWC Shanghai

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OPPO Smartphone With Invisible Punch Hole To Launch At MWC Shanghai

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In order to maximise the screen-to-body ratio on a smartphone, OEMs started embracing design changes like a notch. Even though Apple was not first company to launch the a smartphone with a notch, iPhone X from 2017 made this design change much more acceptable to the general public. As it seemed, displays with notch on top were here to stay, companies including Samsung and Huawei launched devices with punch hole (1,2). Surprisingly, users quickly got accustomed to handsets with this type of display as well.

iPhone X With Notch

Although the punch hole is widely accepted, there is no doubt that this cutout in the display acts as an intrusion while playing games or consuming media. In order to overcome this obstacle, smartphone manufacturer, OPPO is resorting to a unique and impressive technological advancement. In the latest teaser, OPPO is boasting of a smartphone with a punch hole which can be concealed or covered with the display on top.  

In simpler words, the OPPO smartphone will have a punch hole camera which whenever not in use will be invisible as the pixels on top will function like any other region on the display. Korean electronics giant, Samsung was previously granted a patent for a device with a similar feature which is yet to make its way to final production.

Speaking of its launch, OPPO will unveil the said smartphone with an invisible punch hole at MWC Shangai which is scheduled for 26th to 28th June. User’s who are shocked and want to question that MWC for the year has already been held in the month of February. China gets its very own MWC due to a massive number of OEMs and consumers based in the country.

Other than the revolutionary display tech, no other details about the device have been revealed. Though the device is assumed to be a flagship handset which will be kitted with likewise specifications. In terms of SoC, it is safe to say that the upcoming handset is likely to have the Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Qualcomm 865

Snapdragon 855

To gain more information about the OPPO smartphone we won’t have to wait for long as MWC Shangai is about to start. Besides, it seems that amidst fierce competition, OPPO plans to launch high end devices with distinguishing features which will make them stand out of the crowd. 

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All in all, smartphones without bezels around display are no longer a farfetched dream. Rather it is about to become mainstream, at least in the flagship segment device.  

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