Xiaomi Introduces 3D Air Gestures To Toggle Apps With One Hand

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Xiaomi Introduces 3D Air Gestures To Toggle Apps With One Hand

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Xiaomi is known to incorporate its Beta builds of MIUI with multiple new features that it wants to test out. Historically speaking, the Chinese region generally receives these form of updates before any other country. The latest beta build for MIUI has just received new gestures support for the Xiaomi Mi 9. The company has dubbed this new feature “3D Air Gestures”.


The new feature will let users launch various apps by simply waving their smartphones in the air in a certain manner. Programmable gestures demonstrated by a Xiaomi executive include M, W, C, and Z. According to the source, drawing any of the previously mentioned alphabets in the air with the device can open a certain application which might be user programmable. As seen so far, the feature can only be accessed while the device is an unlocked state. However, when the feature rolls out in a consumer ready update, it might even work on the lock screen which is similar to Moto actions seen on Motorola smartphones. Speaking of functionality, the feature uses a combination of the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors which are present on most modern smartphones. Therefore, this feature may even be seen on the current lineup of Mi device and not just future releases. 

3D Air Gestures were first seen in a video by a Xiaomi employee on Weibo that has since been reposted on YouTube. In the video, the employee can be seen drawing a C with his Mi 9 to launch the camera app, a W to launch TikTok and drawing a Z to launch an unspecified app. However, the exact method of how the feature truly works in regards to the sensors is yet to be discerned.



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All in all, this seems to be a great feature from Xiaomi which might actually turn into a mainstream feature amongst offerings from other OEMs as well. To get precise details of this feature’s capabilities, we will have to wait patiently as Xiaomi is yet to release the launch date of the upcoming MIUI 11 update. 

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