Puffin OS Is The Mobile Operating System That Can Crush Android Go

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Puffin OS Is The Mobile Operating System That Can Crush Android Go

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CloudMosa is an American company which is recognised for its web browser “Puffin”. In comparison to conventional browsers, Puffin browser’s strengths lie in speed and security. Acquiring these two elements from its web browser, CloudMosa has developed a mobile operating system which is called Puffin OS.

The new mobile OS is chiefly targeted towards handsets that cost US $ 100 or less. According to CloudMosa, Puffin OS bridges the gap that exists between feature phones that run on KaiOS and economical Android smartphones. The company collected data from a couple of independent research organisations and uncovered key limitations in existing sub-US $ 100 mobile phones which either run KaiOS or Android. 

  • 33 percent of all mobile owners use a feature phone which has access to less than 500 applications. This drastically reduces the potential that a conventional smartphone can offer
  • 57 percent of device owners have access to a limited internet connection. Therefore, Android which is currently the most widespread mobile OS also presents a shortcoming. Due to limited internet, the user may not be able to download an application in the first place or existing applications require frequent updates to offer the latest and greatest of features.

CloudMosa designed Puffin OS in such a manner that it can overcome both the limitations mentioned above. The company claims that its mobile operating system can convert any existing website into a web app. Therefore, users instantly get access to over 1.5 billion applications including Facebook, Youtube and Google Maps.

The key benefit of this technology is that web apps can run directly on smartphones running on Puffin OS without having to download an application. Furthermore, the new mobile OS is free from any centralised regulatory body. Hence, developers can use open web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build mobile apps.

Noteworthy, Puffin OS is derived from Android but it uses a Technology called “Avatar” which shifts the workload from the local device to a remote computer in the cloud. To demonstrate its capabilities, CloudMosa has shared a benchmark comparing the performance of three mobile operating systems.

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To sum it up, the claims made by the company look groundbreaking in comparison to existing options. However, in order to verify them, we will have to until a real-life device is actually demonstrated. Cheerfully, the company will soon be crowdfunding a smarpthone running Puffin OS on Kickstarter whose details are to be revealed soon.


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