Galaxy Note 10 Boasts Of Replacing A Laptop And PC

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Galaxy Note 10 Boasts Of Replacing A Laptop And PC

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The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to launch on the 7th of August at an event in New York. Similar to the Galaxy S10, the company is alleged to launch four variants of the future flagship which will be called the Note 10e, Note 10+, standard Note 10 and Note 10 5G. 

As the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 lineup nears, more features about the device unravel from both official and unofficial sources. This time, Samsung itself has shared a teaser which reveals a distinguishing factor of future smartphones.

The teaser boasts that the Galaxy Note 10 will have the functionality to be used as multiple computing devices. In simpler words, the smartphone could be used as a personal computer, a camera and a conventional handset. This will allow users to eliminate the need for carrying multiple devices simultaneously. Besides, the data will also remain synchronised further enhancing the ease of use.Galaxy Note 10 DeX

To attain the functionality of a computer, the device will make use of the DeX feature which has been present on Samsung devices for a couple of years. DeX is short for “Desktop eXperience” and as the name suggests it allows supported Samsung tablets and smartphones to provide a desktop-like experience by connecting a keyboard, mouse and monitor.Galaxy Note 10 Samsung Dex

With the Galaxy Note 10, the company is expected to enrich DeX feature with many more updates which can further diminish the gap between an emulated desktop in comparison to traditional PC. Noteworthy, flagship Samsung devices are offered with storage capacity even upto 1 TB. Therefore, storage won’t be an issue and users can even store large files in their pocketable device.

Although the theory seems farfetched, Samsung could launch a hybrid laptop dock like the Motorola Atrix lapdock which will allow the Galaxy Note 10 to work as an actual laptop. Talking about other features the devices will pack AMOLED display with a centre mounted punch hole, Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 SoC dependent on the region and three or more rear cameras on all variants. 

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To conclude, precise details including the multi device functionality of the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones will be revealed at the official launch event which is scheduled for the 7th of August. 


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