Huawei’s HongMengOS May Launch On August 9 In China

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Huawei’s HongMengOS May Launch On August 9 In China

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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has had a rollercoaster of a year. While the company was on the brink of becoming the biggest smartphone maker of the world; the US government issued a trade ban on it. This restricted any American company to do business with Huawei. The decision led to the future of its smartphone business laying in jeopardy. However, a while ago, the ban against the company was lifted which meant it could resume business with American organisations. However, it was revealed in the meanwhile that Huawei had been working on its own Operating System(OS) for a while, called HongMengOS. Now, the latest reports reveal that the software may be launched by the company at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) in China on the 9th of August.


Huawei HongMengOS

The HongMengOS by Huawei is an alternative to the Android operating system it has been using for its smartphones until now. It has been in development since at least 2012 when the company feared their reliance on US-made technology. While most features and details about HongMengOS are still under wraps, it was revealed that the software will be reportedly 60 percent faster than Android or iOS. Huawei has also been in talks with many developers, out of which around 5,000 are expected to attend its developer conference. Along with them, 1,500 key partners of the company will also be marking their presence at the event, which insinuates that HongMengOS may finally see the light of the day there.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

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Every operating system in order to be successful needs an ecosystem with a plethora of applications. It seems like Huawei, at its developer conference is all set to launch the HongMengOS with just that. It is also speculated that the company will opt for a different name for the OS in the global market and the current name will only be marketed as such in China. Unfortunately, more details about it are shrouded in mystery but are expected to be revealed as we move closer to the launch date.

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