HongMeng OS Is Upto 60 Percent Faster Than Android OS And MacOS

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HongMeng OS Is Upto 60 Percent Faster Than Android OS And MacOS

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It was revealed a while back that Huawei’s proprietary HongMeng OS has been planned in secrecy years ago. The top officials of the Chinese company had decided on the development of a native OS after fearing US based software dominance. Skip a few years forward and that is all but true. Android and Apple are the most popular OS out there that belong from the US with which China has always had unstable trade relations.

Now, a report claims that the recently announced HongMeng OS is reportedly 60% faster than its main competitor Android.

HongMeng OS

HongMeng OS turned out to be Huawei’s trump card against US monopoly. It was finally unveiled from secrecy and had sought to ensure Huawei’s long term market security regardless of international trade relations. In a new report from, Chairman of Huawei had claimed that its HongMeng OS outperforms Android by a massive 60% lead. The aforementioned OS will complete development; regardless of Huawei being able to continue business with US companies. This arrives after the US ban that prohibited the company to have unrestricted operations in the western nation.


In terms of speed, Huawei has claimed that the OS is much faster than Google’s as well as Apple’s MacOS. HongMeng OS will also be introduced to the company’s laptop computer offerings too and are reportedly faster than MacOS. Huawei’s OS is designed to be versatile with a broad range of compatibility across different electronic devices which will interact with one another. A move that is similar to Apple’s iCloud based electronic economy and family connectivity. The company’s top officials have acknowledged its two giant competitors which have a sizeable application ecosystem; true with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store apps which contain millions of apps. 

HongMeng OS

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The implications of the new report are massive. An OS that is both flexible and more powerful than what is currently offered in the market; it can possibly even disrupt the westward focused technology power structure. The claims can currently not be disproved since the HongMeng OS hasn’t been released yet. However, even exaggerated it may still hold some truth regarding performance and speed.

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