Samsung Smartphone With Triple Swivel Display

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Samsung Smartphone With Triple Swivel Display

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Korean electronics manufacturer, Samsung has had a crucial role in the development of modern-day smartphones. Clearly, the company just does not want to stop here as it keeps on developing new concepts which are revealed from time to time with new patents. 

Besides working on foldable smartphones or smartphones with an edge-to-edge display, a freshly granted patent suggests, Samsung is conceptualising yet another innovative handset that would be beyond the imagination of most average users.  

Samsung Triple Display SmartphoneAt initial glance, the Samsung device in the patent looks like any other conventional smartphone with a display on the front which is surrounded with considerable top and bottom bezels. However, in reality, the dated-looking device conceals three separate displays that swivel around a focal point. 

Certainly, the three displays on the Samsung device can be used to simultaneously run three different applications which can boost multitasking on a compact smartphone. Even though modern smartphones are nimble enough to rapidly navigate through applications, they can not match the functionality that a device with multiple displays can provide. At the pace mobile devices are evolving, they have the potential to replace a conventional desktop or notebook computer. And the device in the patent seems to be a step in that direction.Samsung Triple Display Smartphone

Noteworthy, the patent granted to Samsung lacks any kind of buttons, port or other crucial elements like a camera or a fingerprint sensor. Also, accommodating a sizeable battery into a device with such a form factor is another huge challenge.

Therefore, we believe the technology pioneered with this handset will pave its way into other devices in the future rather than Samsung utilising this exact design.

To conclude, not much can be said, what Samsung plans to achieve with a device with this form factor. In order to get more information on the topic, we will have to wait for some official news from the company. Samsung Triple Display Smartphone

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What do you think could be a possible use of a smartphone with this innovative design? Let us know in the comments below.


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