Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With Graphene Battery In 2021

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Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With Graphene Battery In 2021

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Most electronic devices today like smartphones, cameras and smartwatches use a lithium-ion battery to power them. The technology has been around for several decades now and has evolved drastically in the last few years. however, just like any other piece of technology, it has too reached a saturation point; where it is almost impossible to increase its efficiency to hold a charge longer and replenish it fast enough. Not to mention that they have always been a fire hazard and this a potential safety concern. Now, the latest reports reveal that Korean electronics giant Samsung is planning to change the future by launching a smartphone with a graphene battery soon. This news arrives from serial gadget leaker Evan Blass who claims the handset may be ready by the year 2021.

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Renowned gadget leaker Evan Blass has shared on Twitter that the modern-day batteries on smartphones are suboptimal. To counter the many problems of the Lithium-Ion batteries Samsung is planning to launch a device with a graphene battery by next year or by 2021. The new technology will allow for super-fast charging, capable of fully charging the handset within a half-hour. Furthermore, Samsung may be planning to change the battery technology to save another Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from happening again.

While the company is working on the said smartphone as of now, Blass says that there still is a need to increase the battery capacity while keeping the cost down. Due to the many advancements in Lithium technology, the batteries are very affordable to manufacture today. Shifting to a new material may thus result in increased cost of materials and research.

About Graphene


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Graphene is an allotrope of carbon like graphite and diamond and has many advantages for use in battery technology. It is the thinnest, strongest compound known to man and is the best conductor of heat at room temperature. Graphene is also one of the best conductors of electricity ever discovered, which makes it one of the best choices to be used in battery technology. Add the fact that it is more reliable and safer to use than Lithium-Ion batteries. While it is not confirmed exactly what smartphone Samsung will use the technology in, if the reports turn out to be true, it may be a revolutionary step in technology history.

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